The Fear of Communicating – Breaking the Everlasting Pattern of Silence

The communication issues in our world have really reared their ugly face these last few months-revealing an incredibly toxic embracing of a “keep to yourself, don’t […]

Navigating Jobless Waters

The Storm of layoffs has hit. How do we survive? As of the end of May, the United States reached over 1.7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, […]

Who Are We Now? Fear, Anxiety and You

“How are you under pressure?” It is that job interview question some stumble over, while many answer “well” to some degree and follow with an explanation […]

Well, We’re Here Now – A Note About What’s Happening. And I’m Sorry.

I WANT TO SAY I’M SORRY. I’m sorry we’re here. I’m sorry that our lives are so enveloped in this COVID-19 pandemic that I’m writing a […]

It Costs How Much? How Not to be Surprised When it Comes to Servicing Your Car

Years ago, my spouse at the time decided to purchase a new vehicle. It was a surprise as I was hauled to the Fiat dealership for […]

Car Buying and the Art of the Auto Show

The car buying process can be really intimidating. Depending on your tastes and preferences, there’s a lot to cipher through to figure out where to even […]

With A Heavy Heart

The human heart is the center of our being. It is the reason for our living and the reason for our end. Not only is it […]

On the Pursuit of Happiness

Happy New Year, and new decade, to you as we breach the 20s (sans the flappers and prohibition). It also ushers in a century of women […]

Missed Connections: Where Are You Holiday Joy?

MISSED CONNECTIONS Met ‘HOLIDAY JOY’ years ago. You were so warm, comforting during the months of November and December. Although only around for a few weeks […]

Holiday Food Fears & Follies

Several years ago, my father and I were texting about the upcoming holiday (I believe Thanksgiving,) and trying to coordinate family dinner plans. I threw out […]