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The Perfect Summer Shave

Shaving can be such a chore, so the next time you lather up follow these trusty tips to give you the closest shave possible.

The Five Minute Soak
Whether you shave in the tub or shower, spend five minutes in the water before starting your shave prep. Warm water softens the hair and makes for an easier shave.

Use a Man’s Razor
Men’s razors are designed to glide around the curves of faces and necks. This makes them easier on knees and ankles. They also tend to have sharper blades and you will avoid the “pink tax”. That’s right, women typically pay more for their razors than men, so save some change and get a better razor.

Should I exfoliate before or after? Both! Grab your favorite body exfoliator and polish off that layer of dead skin before you get started. Keep that exfoliator handy because you will complete another round right after shaving.

Lather Up
Choose a rich, lathering shaving cream for protection against nicks, cuts and razor burn.

Always shave against the direction of hair growth. Start at your ankles and work your way up the leg. Make sure to rinse your razor often during the shaving process.

Exfoliate Again
After you rinse your legs, it’s time for another round of exfoliation.

This part is key. Generously apply moisturizer to keep your legs silky smooth.

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