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Restaurant Review: Studio Grill

Covid-19 has changed the way we do many things, including eating out.

Restaurants have just recently opened up, but I wasn’t feeling 100% comfortable eating out quite yet. So, when a couple of my girlfriends wanted to get together for breakfast, I searched high and low for a place that had outdoor seating.

I came across STUDIO GRILL located downtown Kalamazoo, and noticed they added a couple of tables outside. I had always heard great things and decided we should try it out.

Upon arriving, the outdoor tables were taken so I hesitantly went inside to find one. I was immediately at ease when I saw all employees wearing masks, a hand sanitizer station, as well as limited tables so that each one was given plenty of space. I found a table by a window and as I waited for my friends, one of the tables opened up outside. Although I would have been perfectly comfortable sitting inside, it was a beautiful day, so I grabbed the outdoor table.

My friends arrived and our masked server greeted us and took our drink orders. We scanned the menu, talking about what a tough decision it was going to be because everything looked wonderful.

Studio Grill offers an array of breakfast items: delicious omelets, scrumptious pancakes, and yummy skillets and scrambles.

While we were focused on breakfast, they are open through lunch and offer some amazing sounding burgers (as well as other items.) The burgers are each stuffed with some delicious sounding ingredients, setting them apart from other burger joints!

When our server returned, I ordered the STUDIO OMELET. This was made with three eggs and had Bacon, Swiss cheese, sautéed onion, green pepper and tomato. I also added avocado because it just sounded good that morning. My plate also came with American fries and toast (which I got strawberry jam with).

One of my friends got the MONTEREY OMELET which was filled with bacon, avocado, tomato and feta. She also asked for cheese on her American fries and they were happy to make that addition.

Lastly, my other friend ordered the BREAKFAST BURRITO which had Chorizo sausage, cheddar, salsa, tomatoes, potatoes, and scrambled eggs. She asked for their homemade SERRANO PEPPER SAUCE to dip her burrito in. She also added two pancakes so that we could try them.

The food came quickly, hot and appetizing. My dish was amazing. The omelet was big and filled with a delicious blend of ingredients. I really enjoyed the AMERICAN FRIES, finishing those quickly. I had ordered the whole wheat toast with my meal and the STRAWBERRY JAM was so good and tasted homemade.

My friend with the omelet agreed that the omelets were incredible. She really enjoyed her choice!

The breakfast burrito looked great. It was big, cut in half and was stuffed to the brim with its ingredients, but not so much that it was messy. My brave friend really likes some heat and thoroughly enjoyed their serrano pepper sauce.

Lastly, we all tried the PANCAKES. They were giant, fluffy and just…pretty! They tasted amazing. We couldn’t put our finger on the flavor of them, but they were sweet and delicious! You almost do not need syrup (…almost) because the flavor is so good. The texture of them was also amazing. Cakier, where I find a lot of pancakes can be rubbery. These will be a must on my next visit!

Everything, including our service at Studio Grill went beyond my expectations. The food portions are large, and I was able to take half of my omelet home to enjoy for lunch later that day. Everything was clean and pristine, and it was so lovely to sit out on the streets of Downtown Kalamazoo enjoying the beautiful day and watch the people of our community walking by.

I will definitely be back to enjoy one of their famous stuffed burgers and if you haven’t been yet, I urge you to try them out. You WON’T be disappointed!

Elizabeth Precopio is a hairstylist by day and 24/7 food enthusiast. She visits restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and blogs about her experience at feedmekzoo.com

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