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Interdependence Day

We’ve all been taught that people need people. In the midst of this recent COVID-19 lockdown experience, it has never been more apparent. Many people have suffered intense feelings of isolation and depression from being deprived basic human contact. Even many introverts are eager to emerge from the caves of our homes to reconnect with friends and neighbors.

As Independence Day approaches, I have been reflecting on some of challenges of human connection. It reminds me of the Goldilocks fairy tale, “Not too big, not too small, AHHHH, JUST RIGHT!” We get mixed messages from our societal norms. Many people, with the best of intentions, encourage people to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps!” (independence) or promote enabling/rescuing that perpetuates victimhood (co-dependence).

We don’t often discuss the other option. The healthiest option. The option that the world desperately needs to learn and embrace.


Interdependence is defined as the mutual dependence between things. It recognizes, and I daresay CELEBRATES, the importance and the complexity of all components. It speaks into the connection that exists between all people and all things. It eludes to harmony as the natural state of balanced systems. This is the kind of world that I envision is possible. Actually, it is not just possible. It is starting to manifest.

As each person awakens to the reality of their intrinsic value and how they are an essential component of the complex system that we call the world, that person starts feeling less victimized and more valued. Jen Sincero writes in her book, You Are a Badass, “You are the only you that this world has ever had and will ever have!”

This is not a message we hear very often; nevertheless it is absolutely true. You really are that unique snowflake that your kindergarten teacher told you that you are. You are utterly unique. No one else has your exact constellation of talents, gifts, insights and abilities. This makes each person irreplaceable and priceless. No exceptions.

You have a purpose. You have a calling. There is a place for you because you exist and that alone is a miracle.

Jenny Opdycke, PA-C has been practicing medicine for more than 16 years. Her specialties include holistic wellness, anxiety/depression, trauma recovery and intuitive, low carb eating strategies that promote self-awareness and healing. She loves spending time with her twin girls, friends, and fur babies. More info at www.integratedhealthmatters.com.

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