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Have a Festive Fourth at Home

WWith most of the annual ith most of the annual Independence Day Independence Day celebrations cancelled, celebrations cancelled, we are wondering how to we are wondering how to celebrate summer’s biggest celebrate summer’s biggest holiday at home. Here are a few holiday at home. Here are a few ideas to have a fabulous fourth ideas to have a fabulous fourth without leaving your back yard.

Invite a few close friends over for a BBQ. Breakout the checkered table cloth and throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Good music, cold beverages and delicious grilled food will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Make a few red, white and blue treats. A quick trip to Pinterest will provide an unlimited amount of ideas for patriotic themed snacks and desserts. Whip up a cute treat that will delight guests of all ages.

Enjoy a patriotic themed movie. Whether you want to enjoy a movie inside or set up a backyard movie screen, everyone will love relaxing and enjoying a film. Take your movie night to the next level and provide your guests popcorn and movie candy for refreshments. If you are looking for a suggestion, the smash Broadway hit Hamilton will be available to stream on Disney+ starting on July 3rd.

Gather around a big bonfire. Summer bonfires are a timeless tradition. Wrap up your day of celebration with a backyard bonfire. Include a smores buffet and offer multiple options for making the gooey treats.

Bring the summer Olympics to your backyard. Organize a few fun and silly games to have your friends and family compete for prizes. The internet is full of awesome backyard game suggestions that will entertain and get lots of laughs.

Create a fun signature cocktail for your adult guests or if you aren’t feeling super ambitious, make a vodka watermelon, which is both boozy and refreshing. Make sure to offer a fun and refreshing option for kids and guests who don’t drink. An assortment of non-alcoholic beverages, popcicles and a “sober” watermelon are all great options.

One of the best things about Independence Day is the fireworks. While we don’t suggest a fireworks show from your back yard, we do recommend having sparklers available for the kids to twirl around while the adults enjoy that bonfire we recommended.

However you choose to spend the 4th we hope it is filled with friends, family and fun. Stay safe and as always, enjoy alcohol responsibly and have a designated driver.

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