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Restaurant Review: Nonla Tour

Although they have only been around for about five years, the Nonla restaurants have quickly become my favorites. I decided it was impossible to choose one to review, so I went on a little Nonla Tour to three of their five locations to share with you what they offer!

I started with Nonla Vietnamese Street food. They were the first one to open. This location is a small, cute brick building that sits in the small town of Mattawan. There isn’t a ton of tables, but they do have a small patio for extra seating on nice days.

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly when I ordered. I had a lot of questions since I had not ever had a lot of what was on their menu. I ended up ordering quite a lot to share with some friends so I could try a little bit of everything. Every single thing was delicious!

What you should try from this location: canh ga chien nuoc mam (fish sauce chicken wings) These wings were the perfect mix of savory and sweet with a little kick from the chilis. The skin is crispy on the outside with tender and flavorful chicken when you bite in. I also really enjoyed the parmesan truffle fries!

Everything here is amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the staff is more than happy to help!

Next up was Nonla Taqueria.

Truth be told, the Taqueria sits across the street from my place of work so I frequent this one the most. But the location isn’t the only thing that’s appealing to me! The taqueria offers a wide variety of street tacos, burritos and some delicious sides. They make my all-time favorite guacamole!

What you should try from this location:Baja Fish Taco. These suckers are my weakness. They are delicious tempura fried fish sitting in a corn tortilla with refried beans, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and a little bit of sriracha aioli to give it a little kick. If you are not a fish fan, try the Chilorio (braised pork) Street Taco. They are a close second for me!

Again, their staff there is amazing. They often answer my questions and help me pick what to get. They have gotten to know all of us at my work and sometimes greet us by name. They are incredibly friendly!

Lastly, I visited Nonla Burger. This is probably their most popular restaurant. They were able to open a second location earlier this year!

I went through the drive-through since by the time I got there, Stay at Home orders were issued, and all sit down restaurants had to close their dinning rooms.

Again, the staff was friendly as can be. I love this. The restaurant business can be stressful. It tells me that the families that own them run them in a way that makes it fun for their staff and that they are well taken care of.

What you should try from this location: NB Double Burger. It is two patties on a white bun, American cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato and their signature Nonla spread. It is a big juicy hamburger and it sounds pretty standard but let me tell you it has some magic in there. I am not sure if its their spread, the beef or just the combination of things but it’s so good! Get their Fries too they are delicious!

It would be impossible for me to pick my favorite of the Nonla Restaurants. I’m just so happy they have chosen to bring their delicious food to our community.

All the restaurants often change this up by running daily specials. They also all offer some AMAZING desserts that change daily as well. Make sure to follow their restaurants on social media so you can see what specials they run.

I encourage you to go on a Nonla Tour yourself as soon as it is possible and discover some new and amazing food!

Elizabeth Precopio is a hairstylist by day and 24/7 food enthusiast. She visits restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and blogs about her experience at feedmekzoo.com

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