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Supporting Local Restaurants & Frontline Workers Confronting COVID-19 in Our Community

Feed the Fight Kalamazoo (FTFK) launched on April 9th, drawing on the amazing experience of Feed the Fight DC, which emerged in mid-March as a neighborhood effort to patronize local restaurants and show support for healthcare workers at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis.

Here in Kalamazoo, local activist Sally Hadden, who knows and reached out to some of the people who have launched such efforts in D.C. and North Carolina, jumped at the chance to bring this simple, helpful model to Greater Kalamazoo and brought Jodi Michaels and Adam Morse onboard to co-organize. Through volunteers and individual contributions, FTF Kalamazoo will purchase and deliver takeout meals from local restaurants for healthcare workers and other first responders across our region. Feed the Fight has the double impact of driving business to local restaurants working to stay operational while thanking and supporting healthcare workers and first responders fighting on the front lines of this unprecedented crisis.

Organizer Sally Hadden said the idea was born out of a desire to do something when things were becoming more and more uncertain. “Frankly, I’ve been itching to do something as the health situation has spiraled downward and I know many others feel the same. This is it – Feed the Fight Kalamazoo.”

The First Meals Were Delivered April 13
Local donors, restaurants, and frontline workers joined us to deliver our first meals to Bronson Methodist Hospital on Monday, April 13.

The meals were picked up from Maggie’s Cafe and Middle Eastern Appetite, and delivered to various units, including OSU, TCU & ED.

Total Meals Delivered at the end of Week 2: 1650 Meals

To learn more and help Feed the Fight Kalamazoo, please visit ftfkalamazoo.org or follow the effort on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram #FTFKalamazoo @FTFKalamazoo

To donate or volunteer, visit Feed the Fight Kalamazoo’s webpage

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