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Restaurant Review: Halal Shawarma King

At the time I am writing this, we are currently in the midst of the COVID-19 stay home orders. Going out to eat is not an option at this point. Many restaurants made that difficult decision to close temporarily, but others decided to forge ahead, shifting the way they do their business.

Me and my husband decided we wanted to help support the local restaurants that are open as much as we could by ordering take-out or delivery from them. One of the first places I knew I wanted to try was SHAWARMA KING ON DRAKE.

I was able to find a delivery option for them via Uber Eats. The restaurant is open for pick up and is also available through GrubHub.

If you are not familiar with Uber Eats, GrubHub or even Door Dash, they are some of the delivery companies that have made it easy for us to get food delivered right to the door from many restaurants that don’t normally deliver. A driver simply picks it up from the restaurant and delivers it straight to your home. You can even see where the driver is on a map on most of the delivery apps!

So, from Shawarma King on Drake I decided to go with the classic CHICKEN SHAWARMA with white rice and their LEBANESE SALAD. My husband ordered the same thing and we also got a small order of their HOMMOUS with a baggie of pita. I also made sure to order the GARLIC SAUCE on the side as well because I was told it was a MUST.

The Uber Eats Driver brought it to us safely and promptly, leaving it at the door so we didn’t have any contact. We only waited about 30 minutes after placing our order before it was at our doorsteps.

We opened up the packaging to see a beautiful display!

The chicken looked so good, shaved with delicious herbs. The white rice was fluffy and yummy, served the traditional way with a little bit of vermicelli pasta mixed in with it.

The salad was awesome. It was fairly simple, consisting of lettuce, tomato and cucumbers and topped with their house dressing. I’m not sure what their house dressing was, but it was GOOD. It was light and little tangy. I gobbled it up!

The hommous was outstanding! The small portion was pretty large for being just a small. I’m used to the store-bought kind that is yummy but store bought has nothing on Shawarma King’s. It was creamy and flavorful and was perfect with the pita.

I ate the rice and chicken together, but also decided to take a piece of pita, put the hommous, rice, chicken and a little garlic sauce and make little mini wraps. The combination of all of them so flavorful!

I was only able to eat about half of my meal, but it was just perfect because it went in my fridge and was a lunch for the next day and the hommous was a good snack for the rest of the week.

Both me and my husband were very happy with our meals. We will definitely be adding Shawarma King on Drake to our rotation! Hopefully, as you are reading this you are being safe and are healthy! Please continue to support our community’s small businesses as we come out of this, as they will need the most help!

Elizabeth Precopio is a hairstylist by day and 24/7 food enthusiast. She visits restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and blogs about her experience at feedmekzoo.com

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