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Mother’s Day a Different Way

Mother’s Day is always celebrated the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day recognizes mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, all mother figures and mothers to-be! Usually Mother’s Day Celebrations include going to church, brunch, dinner, and buying flowers and cards.

With the uncertainty of the world these days, there is one thing that will always remain: the love that we all have for our Mother’s! Moms always take care of everyone else, so a Mother’s Day Gift should take care of her! Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

    1. Make Mom her favorite breakfast and surprise her with breakfast in bed. Grab a large baking sheet and cover it with a towel or placemat. Or you can set the dining room table and grab some champagne and OJ for Mimosas!
    2. Grab a jar and have everyone in the family write down a fun memory together for her to read later
    3. Have the kids draw or paint mom a picture
    4. Bake Mom a cake or cupcakes. Or try a new recipe together. Women’s LifeStyle always provides some great ideas. Check out our previous recipes and issues here: issuu.com/womenslifestylekazoo
    5. Support your local bakery and order her favorite dessert
    6. Throw her a tea party
    7. Make a pancake or waffle bar. Cook your pancakes or waffles and setup multiple toppings such as chocolate chips, whipped cream, fresh fruit, hams, syrup, or sprinkles.
    8. Order flowers from your local florist for delivery & have them delivered the day of or a few days before
    9. Buy chocolates from a local shop. Try Cherri’s Chocolart (cherrischocolart.com) or Confections with Conviction confectionswithconvictions.com)
    10. Order a fun craft project or wine/cocktail glasses from Colors and Cocktails. You can pick up curbside or have it delivered. Visit colorsandcocktails.com
    11. Have a picnic in your backyard, if the weather permits. Or set it up in the living room if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
    12. Make Mom her favorite dinner
    13. Buy strawberries and melting chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries. The kids can help with this as well and top them with fun sprinkles
    14. Buy Mom her favorite wine. Tempo Vino Winery of Kalamazoo is offering curbside pick-up
    15. Make a hand-made card with love. Grab some paper, colored pencils or crayons and write a special message. This is also something that the kids can help with!
    16. Something that mom has been eyeing but won’t buy herself? You can order online and have it shipped or pick it up curbside
    17. Let Mom relax for the day and do all of the cleaning
    18. Give Mom a spa day at home. Put together a spa basket with bath bombs, bubble bath, wine, face mask, nail polish, and a new book.
    19. Camp out in the living room with lots of pillows and blankets for the day watching movies

Rachel Kirtley has worked in all levels of the food industry for over a decade. She is currently a Social Media Influencer, Content Creator and Restaurant Reviewer. You can visit her at thekalamazoofoodie.com

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