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Look Who’s Talking: Melissa McDonald

This month we had a conversation with Melissa McDonald who is a registered nurse, global business owner and, most important, mom to an 8-year old and an 8-month old. Melissa is passionate about adoption and foster care (her eight-year old is adopted and her eight-month old is a foster child), health, wellness and faith. We hope you enjoy our interview with Melissa.

WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE: Which causes are most important to you?

Melissa: The Kalamazoo Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition and foster care. Unfortunately, the two can often go hand in hand when it comes to the outcome. However, we have been able to bring awareness to the Kalamazoo/Portage communities and help train people about the importance of reporting, safety and education.

I am currently building a ranch ministry to help house children in foster care. This will be able to provide safety, security, life skills, therapy and hope into the lives of our youth and their families.

WLS: What are your tips for everyday wellness?

M: I love simplicity so , my tips focus on the basics. My family and I enjoy organic living, eating an organic diet and taking organic supplements. I also recommend: getting 7-9 hours of sleep daily, drinking plenty of water, reading something inspiring each day, set goals and take action to accomplish them, eat well-balanced and colorful meals, add high bioavailable supplements to your nutrition in order to keep your body fully functioning and LAUGH – it releases the endorphins and T-cells to help your immune system stay healthy.

WLS: What is your favorite indulgence?

M: Friday night is pizza & movie night with my kids. We look forward to it every single week.

WLS: What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

M: I enjoy listening to music, praying & watching movies.

WLS: Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

M: I believe that every woman has a beautiful soul. Some may still be finding their way and belief, while others have worked hard to achieve where they are today. Every sould matters and everyone was created to have an extraordinary purpose.

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