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Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence rates skyrocket during the pandemic, and shelters remain open to help, COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK & MOVING (CHHJM) has committed to provide essential, no-cost moves to victims of abusive living situations through certified shelters. CHHJM wants to do what it can to support anyone in a helpless or unsafe situation, and domestic violence shelters can assist in identifying victims in need of these moves.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, CHHJM discussed how it can help people in difficult situations as a result. Concern and compassion immediately went to the unintended negative consequences that the stay-at-home orders could be creating for people. This could cause individuals to be trapped in very dangerous situations, such as childhood hunger, by not getting access to school lunches, and also domestic violence, as people are now trapped with their abusers with no outlet.

CHHJM already has a program that benefits disadvantaged youth by donating 2 healthy meals for every completed job, and also now offers a program to help those vulnerable individuals who feel trapped in domestic violence situations.

COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK & MOVING would like to offer essential, no-cost moves to victims of abusive living situations, locally and nationwide, through our 130 franchises.

A certified domestic violence shelter will need to approve any victims requesting a free move (to ensure that the victim is supported throughout the entire transition, and for the safety of our team and the victim to ensure local law enforcement is involved if needbe).

Anyone in a domestic violence situation should first contact the police and/or the local domestic violence-prevention shelter immediately. The shelter can contact CHHJM directly at NationalAccounts@CHHJ.com, and CHHJM will make trucks and labor available to help as many people it can who may be unable to get out of an unsafe domestic situation during these unique times. Interesting to note that CHHJM may need to try and utilize some of the PPP Cares Act funds to help support the internal labor costs for this initiative.

For interview, quotes and details, contact:

Chad Jacob, Kalamazoo Franchise Owner,
chad.jacob@CHHJ.com 269-998-9898

Nick Friedman, Co-Founder and President,
nick.friedman@CHHJ.com 813-523-9003


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