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The World Needs Answers. So I Need You.

One person’s efforts could fund work that saves thousands of lives.

One in three Americans will battle cancer in their lifetime. It can be hard to believe that a single person can make a difference. But funding just one research breakthrough, or one study with the right outcome, could potentially save thousands of lives. ResearcHERS: Women Fighting Cancer is a movement that engages women to raise funds to directly support cancer researchers – women cancer researchers.

Why women researchers?

The American Cancer Society is proud to be a top supporter of women in cancer research. Currently half of the American Cancer Society’s grantees are women, most of them early in their careers. Help raise the funds needed to fuel HER next big discovery.

Women make invaluable contributions to cancer research yet are underrepresented in research leadership. As the leading nonprofit funder of cancer research in the US< we can help sustain women-led cancer research, launch new careers, and inspire a new generation of young women considering careers in science. Help us ensure women continue to be a powerful and growing force to help save lives from all types of cancer.

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