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With A Heavy Heart

The human heart is the center of our being. It is the reason for our living and the reason for our end. Not only is it part of an intricate (and delicate) body system designed to keep you moving in this world, but it also celebrates your victories, sings your happiness, and weighs you down like a brick in the worst of times.

Sometimes the heart swells with love, where sometimes it will break. It is fickle in that way. Days when your consciousness has set up the day to go one way, but, unknowingly, your heart decides it will not cooperate; rather you are to feel something different or opposite.

In addition, there is always that feeling that creeps up on you and creates that incredibly unexpected reaction. You don’t feel right. You’re not sure why. And suddenly you are yelling after someone put a dish on the wrong side of the sink. You’re not upset about the sink, so you must sit and think about why you’re yelling about a simple dish.

What your heart is trying to tell you is that it hurts. That you truly hurt. And it’s more like a reminder of, “Hey, I’m still here.” Just because you have been functioning to some degree, doesn’t mean whatever caused the pain has healed.

And, unfortunately, no matter what you are doing to achieve some semblance of healing, time (and bouts of more pain) is all you are given. Time is something therapists will preach about in the midst of your trials. Things will take time to heal. You will measure and keep track of the time passed since it happened. The length of healing time may depend on the number of better or terrible days and how long they each last.

In that passage of time are days when you will feel almighty, powerful and unstoppable, and days where all you will do is cry because the pain is so unbearable that your choices are to scream or sob. Months pass and perhaps peace has been made, but years later wounds reopen without warning and it can feel like how it did the very first time.

It hurts. It hurts oh so much. But that’s okay.

Your heart not only needs you to eat healthy and exercise to keep it beating regularly, but it needs you to be aware of it emotionally too.

I know we’ve discussed self-care, but emotional and mental care are the not-sopreached ways to take care of yourself too.

You need to take a break to give yourself that time to feel miserable when your heart is so heavy and recognize when that is the case. In addition, talking about it with a trusted professional and embracing the network of people in your life will help you when days are overwhelming/

In all honesty, I know we prefer to share the brighter moments like looking into the eyes of someone you love & feeling that overwhelming swell of your heart; a day of happiness that spreads warmth from your heart across your entire being; that blissful joy of spending time with your entire family at a gathering; or standing atop the literal or metaphorical mountain you’ve been working to conquer.

Those days of course exist and are incredible, but there are down days too. And just as it is rightfully okay to embrace those exhilarating heart beats, it’s okay to embrace the painful beats as well.

With the heart as complicated and emotional as it can be, we should not only make sure to take care of it as best we can, but learn to listen better when it has something to say.

So, dear heart, how are we feeling today?

Lalita Chemello is a Detroit-born writer newly displaced to the west side of the state. She’s written/edited for New Roads lifestyle magazine and Panorama. Her other passions are photography, motorsports and screenwriting. You can also occasionally find her around town on her vintage two wheels.

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