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Restaurant Reviews – Four Roses

Four Roses in Plainwell has been at the top of my “must go to” list for a long time now. I was so excited to finally make the trip!

Glancing at their website, I saw that they don’t take reservations unless you have a party of six or more, but I was able to use the Yelp app and check in and get in line before I even left my house. The app was user friendly, telling me what time to show up and how many people were ahead of me.

I went on a Saturday night and it was crazy busy. I showed up early, meeting my friend there, hoping to get lucky and get right to a table. The hostess explained there were still 14 parties ahead of us, so we went and got a drink at the bar. We ended up finding some chairs there, so we cancelled our table and ate our meal at the large bar.

The menu had a variety of options and prices. It showed entrees for as little as $16 and as high as $70. There were options of fish, steaks, chickens and pastas, all sounding delicious!

My friend and I wanted to do a starter of their Whitefish Cakes to share.

The plate came with two large cakes with a creamy sauce swirled on top and garnished with a lemon. These were so big and delicious! They could have easily been a full meal. Neither my friend nor I finished a whole one, as we wanted to save room for the remainder of our course.

For our entrees, my friend went with the Mushroom Lasagna and I went with the Filet Mignon with Bearnaise Butter.

The amount of food on both plates was impressive.

The lasagna was large and served with a medley of vegetables that included zucchini and squash. The mushrooms inside the lasagna were to die for! The vegetables tasted fresh and were perfectly cooked.

My filet was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Filets are typically pretty small, but this was one of the larger ones I had seen. It also came with the same vegetables in addition to some fingerling potatoes. The potatoes looked plain but tasted absolutely amazing. For the $32 price tag, it was a large amount of food, especially for a filet.

Next came dessert, which is what I have heard most about from Four Roses. The server brought over a chalkboard with a huge list of desserts. I noticed there were several that had been erased. I’m assuming it’s because they had run out and wish I could have seen what I was missing out on!

My friend spotted the Icebox Lemon Pie and made her choice. For myself, I went with the Peanut Butter Brownie Cheesecake.

We both loved the Icebox Lemon Pie. It was tart and a little frozen, making a perfect combination for icy lemon goodness.

My cheesecake was so decadent and rich! I was only able to eat a few bites, but I was also super stuffed from my large meal. I took the rest home to my husband who gobbled it up quickly.

I will definitely go back to Four Roses. The food was absolutely amazing. They had large portions and quality ingredients.

The staff was super helpful and attentive. It’s a large space, but there was plenty of staff that covered it well.

With it being a large space, the only negative is that, at times, it got loud with chatter and was hard to hear my friend in conversation. However, I would bet it’s not always that busy, especially during the week.

Four Roses would make a perfect Valentine’s Day date, or even a Galentine’s Day with some of your friends!

About Four Roses Cafe

Four Roses Cafe in Plainwell, MI is owned & operated by Tom and Jan Rose. A casual, fine dining cafe with a focus on fresh, flavorful dishes. The menu changes dailyand will be determined by what is available in local markets each day. We strive to use local farmers and vendors whenever possible and have an emphasis on fresh, sustainable products.

Elizabeth Precopio is a hairstylist by day and 24/7 food enthusiast. She visits restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and blogs about her experience at feedmekzoo.com

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