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12 Unique Ways to Treasure a Loved Ones Cremated Remains

Cremation is becoming as commonof a disposition method for your loved one as burial, & not just withour human family members. In our changing times, many familiesare looking for unique keepsakes following a cremation. Here is a list of some specialty ideas & businesses if you are seeking a keepsake for your loved one.

BLOWN GLASS. Memory Glass, a glass blowing company, will take a portion of the cremated remains and encase them in a blown glass piece. These may take the shape of an orb or other items to set in your home or office.

ETERNAL REEFS. Cremated remains are mixed with an environmentally safe concrete reef mixture and they are formed into a unit that is then placed in a coral reef area. The family can be involved from the casting to the placing of the urn. The eternal reef becomes part of that reef system to replace some of what has been broken away.

VINYL RECORDS. Cremated remains can be pressed into a vinyl record and a song of your choosing etched into it.

HOLY SMOKE. For a hunting or sport shooting enthusiast, their cremated remains may be put into almost any caliber or gauge of ammunition. Each bullet or shell, when packed, will include a portion of the cremated remains. An example, if someone was an avid skeet shooter, an ammunition made for their shooting buddies to shoot a round of skeet in memory of the person.

ART. Cremated remains can be mixed with paint and an art piece designed to hang in memory of them with them in it.

TATTOOS. Your loved one’s cremated remains can be specially mixed with tattoo ink and that person is imprinted into you with the tattoo in memory of them.

DIAMONDS. A portion of your loved one may be sent to one of several businesses that specialize in creating diamonds from cremated remains. Through heat, pressure, and time, a beautiful gem emerges. They are gorgeous and they are completely unique, even in color, for that person.

JEWELRY. Many new stores have emerged on Etsy that take a portion of the cremated remains and incorporate it into jewelry. Whether pressed into the metal of the item or encased inside a gem or stone mounted on the jewelry piece, you will find many new ideas.

CERAMICS. Chronicle Cremation Designs is a company who uses a portion of the cremated remains in the clay as they form a pottery piece. Whether you commission a mug to have your morning coffee with your loved one close by or a special serving platter that is used on holidays with your family, it will be unique.

WALKING STICK. A mix between a scattering urn and a keepsake, the Tolad Walking Stick is one of a kind. The stick is loaded with a portion of your loved one’s cremated remains. As the ground connects with the end of the stick during your journey, the pressure will release a small amount of the cremated remains with each step. You can slowly spread the person along a favorite path or walking trail that you enjoyed together.

A TRADITIONAL URN. Urns are now available in every shape and size, reflecting hobbies, careers, and family. To bury in a cemetery, most require a rigid urn not crafted from glass, porcelain, or wood.

SCATTERING. An urn is not necessary for scattering, but you must understand the laws pertaining to your wishes about scattering cremated remains. The owner of the land, whether the state (parks and woods) or private landowners, must give permission prior to scattering of your loved one in that space.

In whichever way you choose to remember your loved one, make sure you take those moments to remember and reflect on the life they lived. As you can see, there is no traditional path we all follow after a death. This allows us to choose creative and unique ways to remember our loved ones who were special to us.

Kari Northey is a funeral director and embalmer in Southwest Michigan. She vlogs weekly on her self-titled YouTube Channel, where she empowers, educates, and embraces her viewers with knowledge about funerals and disposition and caring for loved ones after a death.

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