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Reader’s Lounge – December 2019

Drinking from the River of Light: the Life of Expression
by Mark Nepo

The artistic and philosophical writings of Mark Nepo are, again, intelligent and helpful in his newest work. In this collection of essays and poems, Nepo introduces the reader to dive into the perspective of an artist: how does an artist perceive the world, and what we can learn from that. Using historical examples alongside modern ones, and exercises for the reader, the author brings to light what can really be learned from the illuminating art world around us.

The Giver of Stars
by Jojo Moyes

Bestselling author of Me Before You, Jojo Moyes begins a new story set in the Great Depression in America. This tale of five women journeying through Kentucky is based on a true story of America’s past. Moyes shows, yet again, her skill in storytelling and writing with prose that includes humor and heartbreak at once. This novel is perfect for the holiday season for the heartwarming effect that the author’s writing has on the reader.

Sumo Kitty
by David Biedrzycki

A beautifully illustrated, and a stunning lesson to be learned, this children’s picture book is a perfect gift this holiday season. Not only does this author create adorable works of art on each page, there are Japanese terms (with pronunciation and definition) are spread throughout the book. You’re following a stray cat that finds himself a place in a training house for sumo wrestlers, as he earns food by chasing mice. Kitty finds himself striving to be the best chaser in the world, and he learns valuable lessons in his journey to achieving his dreams.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Illustrated)
by J.K. Rowling | Illustrated by Jim Kay

This long-awaited fourth installment of the illustrated editions of the classic wizarding series is finally here. This edition of the series is stunning with illustrations on each page, and is a perfect gift this holiday season for anyone of any age. Also, this edition of Harry Potter is a wonderful way to introduce this story to your kids.

A Very Fiona Christmas
by Richard Cowdrey

This adorable picture book is a perfect gift this holiday season, in partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Cowdrey uses his talent in writing and illustrating to introduce some zoology, alongside lessons to be learned in a holiday setting.

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