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Caring for Natural Christmas Decorations

Holly & Evergreen Branches
Before arranging, dip or spray branches in Wilt Stop to help preserve moisture in needles, leaves and berries. For holly branches, use arrangement containers that have water reservoirs. Set arrangements in a cool location when not on display.

Evergreen Wreaths, Garlands & Swags
Check with your local garden center or florist to see which evergreen decorative piece will perform best in freezing conditions or indoor situations. Spray all wreaths with Wilt Stop to preserve freshness.

Cut Christmas Trees
At least seven years of fertilizing, watering, trimming and care are needed to create a lush, fragrant Christmas tree. Wedel’s trees have been recently harvested from local farms, contributing to the area economy. We hope your tree enhances your holiday celebrations. These time-tested tips will prolong the freshness of your tree.

  • Place the tree upright in the garage and spray with Wilt Stop anti-dessicant. This spray will seal in the freshness and moisture in the needles.
  • Make a fresh cut end on the trunk. Cut one inch off of the stump end. Make cut within two hours of placing in tree stand.
  • Set the tree where warm air from registers does not blow directly on it.
  • Do not all the water in the tree stand to run dry – check daily!
  • Decorate with family and friends and enjoy the holiday season!

Live Christmas Trees
To give your live Christmas tree the best chance to survive, the experts at Wedel’s Garden Center offer the following instructions:

Dig planting hole in your landscape as soon as purchase decision has been made. The hole should be twice the size of the root ball. Bring soil into garage to prevent freezing. Spray tree with Wilt Stop to help reduce moisture loss. Keep tree outside and well watered. Make sure root ball is moist at all times. Bring tree indoors one or two days before Christmas Place tree in coolest location possible. Decorate, keep soil moist and enjoy. Keep tree indoors for no mare than three days. Plant tree as soon as possible. Fill around root ball with a soil mixture of 1/3 sphagnum peat moss, 1/3 composted cow manure and 1/3 soil from hole. Firm soil and water thoroughly.

Poinsettia Plant Care
Place your plant in indirect sunlight for at least six hours per day.

Water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. Don’t overwater or allow it to sit in water. Always remove standing water.

Don’t place plant near cold drafts or excessive heat; avoid places near fireplaces or ventilating ducts.

Poinsettias are sensitive to cold. Use a large bag to protect your plant when transporting it.

By Terrie Schwartz of Wedel’s

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