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A Clean Home Sells!

With over 30 years of experience in residential cleaning, we know how important it is for home buyers to be able to move into a clean space. If you have ever sold a car, you probably spent some time and money on detailing prior to taking photos. Presentation is everything. Having the right visuals can help speed up the selling process and increase the perceived value, especially when it comes to used items. So if the item doesn’t particularly look or smell used, you’re making it easy for the buyer to focus on what’s important: the reasons they want it.

When it comes to selling a home, we’re typically talking about someone’s largest investment. So it only makes sense that you would put even more care and effort into making the best possible first impression with buyers. Having professional photos taken is one of the last steps in the selling process but can be a waste of time and money if the home has not been properly prepared or showcased for the market.

If sellers can impress with online photos they significantly increase the chances of having heavy foot traffic, multiple offers, and offers over-asking price. The next step is to impress buyers from the time they drive up to the home to the time they drive away.

When the market is “hot,” a lot of home sellers make the mistake of listing their home “as-is” and tend to pay the price. They typically don’t even know they’ve made a mistake until it’s too late. The house has been sitting for months, there isn’t any feedback, and there are no offers in sight.

One of the best ways to avoid a similar scenario is to do a deep-clean of your home, inside and out. We tend to live our day-to-day at eye-level. We don’t really look up unless we have reason to. Guess what? Buyers will look up. They want to see the space. If there are cobwebs in the light fixtures, dead bugs in the window tracks, or dirty baseboards, it can send a signal that your home hasn’t been well maintained.

These seemingly minor cleaning issues lead buyers to start asking themselves what else may have fallen by the wayside in this home. They’re also thinking about the fact that they’re going to have to clean before they can even move in and start enjoying which reduces the overall excitement and could potentially be the determining factor between receiving and not receiving and offer.

Buyers want to feel like they’re buying new even if they aren’t. They don’t want to see, smell, or even think about your mess. Think about a hotel bathroom. We assume that it’s clean because it appears clean when we walk in. The towels and toilet paper are all folded neatly, the trash can is empty, and there are new soaps and toiletries on the counter. No one wants to walk into a bathroom and be instantly reminded they aren’t the first person to use that bathroom. If buyers are walking through your home and see used towels, waste baskets with trash, and plungers, they start to remember that someone else has been using this bathroom every day for the past who knows how long. And those are not the thoughts you want to distract a potential buyer.

Today’s buyers are incredibly picky and there are too many potential negatives for them to find in any given home to ignore the cleaning. Do yourself a favor and invest the time or money because a clean house sells!

Olivia Andrade is a Certified Real Estate Stager and the Business Manager at Beyond Staging. To learn more about why we believe every home should be Market-Ready prior to listing, visit us at www.beyondstagingmi.com

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