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Look Who’s Talking – Olivia Andrade & Peg Dorgan

HOME Sweet HOME HOME is where the heart is. Family is the heart of the HOME.

Nothing evokes feelings of comfort and belonging like that singular word: HOME. From the humblest apartment to the most glamorous mansion, home should be a place where we all feel welcome, understood and loved. No matter how beloved an abode, however, the day may come when it’s time for a family to sell their home and move on to their next adventure. When that day comes, one of their very first calls should be to the professionals at Beyond Staging.

Peg Dorgan and her team are celebrating 5 years in the business of preparing houses for sale and enabling owners to receive the very best price for their beloved homes. She feels like she’s been preparing for this, her dream career, since she was a young girl with a passion for rearranging her furnishings on Sunday afternoons. This childhood penchant followed her into adulthood when her husband, Craig, and their three children would humor her as she changed the layout of the main floor on a monthly basis.

During her 30 years of doing move-in cleaning as a subcontractor with Glas Associate Builders, Peg scratched her design itch by remodeling her own homes, which always sold in record time. It wasn’t until two family members asked for assistance in preparing their own houses for sale, however, that Peg began to entertain the idea that there might be a career in it for her. After pointing out updates to be made, items to remove and ways in which to rearrange existing furniture, both of the homes in question sold in record time.

Excited by her experience, Peg found herself wondering if she could make a living helping people to get the greatest value out of their houses and enabling them to move on to the next phases in their lives. A longtime fan of HGTV, Peg soon enrolled in Transformations Staging & Redesign School and spent a week in Jacksonville, Florida becoming certified through their program. She returned to Michigan to start her own business and hasn’t looked back since. On October 8, Peg will celebrate her 5th anniversary with an exciting new company name and brand.

Beyond Staging became even more of a family enterprise when Peg’s daughter joined the company last year. Olivia Andrade is a graduate of Aquinas College and began her professional life as an International Sales Representative with a chemical manufacturer near Lansing. She later accepted a sales position at a logistics company in Chicago—a move that allowed her to be closer to her nowhusband Tiago. After two years, the couple took advantage of an opportunity to transfer with Olivia’s company to San Francisco and realized their dream of living in California.

Olivia and Tiago lived in the San Francisco area for three years, during which time Olivia took a position working for a startup company that was selling technology to trucking companies to help them streamline their back office operations. The 10th hire and only female on the team, she quickly learned to wear multiple hats. During her tenure at the start-up Olivia spent her time networking, selling, onboarding new clients, providing customer service and helping with marketing.

Despite the fact that Olivia found her work exciting and challenging, the couple found they missed living near family and wanted to find a place to start putting down roots. Olivia knew from conversations with her mother that Peg was overwhelmed with managing all the aspects of her business herself. It was decided that the couple would move back to Michigan and Olivia would join her mother’s company, helping to organize and streamline the back office. It wasn’t long before Olivia discovered she has an affinity for the design aspects of the business and became certified in home staging. What started as a short-term role to assist her mother has evolved into a long-term commitment to the business, the team and their clients.

When asked which woman inspires them most, both Peg and Olivia answer without hesitation: their mothers. Peg’s mother, Judy O’Brien, left her successful career as an x-ray technician to follow a dream to become a realtor. Her enthusiasm and dedication were an inspiration to Peg. Their relationship only deepened when Peg had children of her own. Judy is supportive and taught her daughter how to work hard, be selfless & find strength in the toughest of times.

Olivia admires her mother for finding her passion later in life and, rather than be intimidated or scared of it, taking a risk and pursuing it. She is forever grateful for the hard work and dedication her mother poured into her business and for the opportunity to work alongside her to grow the company they both love.

Erica Shier is a married mother of four who loves reading, scrapbooking & thrift stores. When she’s not driving her small pack of children around, she spends her time volunteering, writing & trying to keep on top of the laundry.

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