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Have a Happy Halloween

MAKE A PLAN – A couple of weeks before Halloween decide of when and where you will go trick-or-treating and map out your route. Plan an early dinner before heading out, the last thing you want are hungry kids with a full bag of candy at their disposal. Having a plan is a great way to ensure a happy Halloween.

GO IN A GROUP – The old saying is true, there is safety in numbers. Groups are easier to spot moving around neighborhoods and the buddy system is always a great idea when visiting homes you aren’t completely familiar with.

TEACH KIDS MANNERS FOR TRICK-OR-TREATING – Halloween is a great opportunity to reinforce your child’s manners. Make sure they greet the homeowners, say thank you for the candy and only take what they are offered.

EMPHASIZE SAFETY – Everyone is excited and energetic on Halloween. It can be easy to forget some of the most basic safety rules. Always look before crossing the street, be cautious of strangers, never enter a stranger’s home, use the buddy system and make sure you are easily visible once the sun sets.

KEEP KIDS’ COSTUMES SAFE – Give kids’ costumes a good safety check. Can the see through their masks? Will they trip over the costume? Is it warm or cool enough for the weather? Can they be easily seen once it is dark out?

CONSIDER YOUR COSTUME & KEEP IT CLASSY – It is fun to join the kids in celebrating Halloween but be mindful when selecting your Halloween attire. What might be appropriate for an adult Halloween party may not be appropriate for trick-or-treating with your kids or handing out candy from your home. It’s always best to keep it classy.

LET THEM BE KIDS – I am always surprised when people complain about teenagers trickor-treating. Let them be kids! Considering all the things they could be doing, I’m glad to see them on my porch asking for candy and enjoying a night of costumes and fun.

OFFER OPTIONS – Keep in mind that many children have food allergies and intolerances. Make sure to have a few non-food items to offer kids with nut, dairy or gluten allergies. Place a teal pumpkin on your porch to indicate you are an allergy friendly home.

PROTECT YOUR PETS – As much as we love all the ghosts, goblins and screaming of trick-or-treat on Halloween, our pets aren’t so excited with all the unfamiliar sights and sounds. It is best to keep your pet confined to a comfortable area of your home, like the bedroom. The last thing you want is your pet dashing out the door on Halloween.

KEEP YOUR DÉCOR SPOOKY, NOT HORRIFIC – Most of us love a good scare and the past few years we have all seen some pretty amazing Halloween displays in our neighbor’s yards. Keep in mind your trick-or-treat audience and keep your décor a little more PG rated, at least during the hours that little ones will be visiting your home.

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