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Making Better Health Decisions

Globally, the public, as well as doctors, are becoming increasingly frustrated with a healthcare system focused on medications and management of these medications. We are witnessing a growing population of medicine dependence and the healthcare crisis that accompanies this approach.

For decades the conversation has been focused on every health concern being genetic. Current research indicates that over 95% of our health conditions today are a result of environmental exposures to toxins and lifestyle choices. These triggers active the genes for disease.

The best approach for achieving good health is to recognize the personal triggers that activate inflammatory genes. By identifying, detoxifying, and healing the root causes of poor health the body will start to recover and heal. Addressing food triggers, chemical exposures, and incorporating appropriate nutrition may help you overcome the need for medication and keep you symptom free.

I’m regularly asked to speak around the world on the root causes of poor health as well as report current strategies of how to overcome health conditions. The undeniable fact that our genes are influenced by our daily choices and exposures. Poor water quality, and air pollution have increased so profoundly that there is nowhere in the world toxins haven’t permeated. Our food has been denatured with growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, herbicides and genetic modification.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to make better decisions that promote a healthier life. This is Vitality Healthcare’s mission. We are an integrative medical and natural healing center that provides the tools, technologies and resources to help our community overcome their health challenges. We use medicine when needed, but we also look for the underlying causes of any health condition. Our goal is to identify, detoxify and heal the causes of poor health. The only side effect of this is a happier, healthier life.

Our team of medical and natural healers invite you to visit our website yourvitalityhc.com to view our patient success stories. Attend our free Health Solutions Seminar to see how we can help you overcome your health condition today.


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