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Food Dance – Restaurant Review

This month, my best friend and I decided to enjoy girls’ night out with a great dinner. After discussing several options, we decided on one of our favorites, FOOD DANCE CAFÉ.

Food Dance has had a strong presence in downtown Kalamazoo for 25 years. The restaurant was opened in 1994 by Julie Stanley with the idea that “Eating well, just makes life better.” She and her talented chefs do an excellent job of sourcing fresh, local food to make incredible plates. They also have a small market in the restaurant which has meats, cheeses, baked goods and so much more. Browsing the market is my favorite thing to do while waiting for a table or after I’ve finished a meal.

Breakfast at Food Dance Café is my favorite in town. Their French toast is the best I’ve ever had and the mimosas are amazing (try adding mango for something really special). I also adore their home fries served with house made ketchup. It is the only ketchup (in the world) that I like and it is available for purchase in their market.

I’m such a fan of Food Dance’s breakfast, it had been quite some time since I had enjoyedtheir dinner service, so I was very excited forthis meal.

We started our meal by ordering sharable plates. My friend ordered the OLIVE SAMPLERand I ordered the CRISPY RICE TOTS. The Olive Plate was a nice, light treat with four varieties of olives to choose from, two giant, crispy crackers and a small dish to discard the olive pits. The Kalamata olives were my favorite, absolutely delicious! The crispy ricetots were to die for! They looked like large tater tots, but the inside was fluffy white rice.The outside was brown, crispy and the perfectmix of salty and sweet. The Tamarind Ketchupwas an excellent accompaniment. I could eat this dish every day!

After much debate my friend settled on PAD THAI and I selected the NY STRIP STEAK WITH RATATOUILLE. It was a tough decisionbetween the steak and the Summer Duck, so I asked our wonderful server for his advice. He assured me that I couldn’t go wrong with either, but he loved the NY Strip, so I decidedto follow his advice. The steak was large, seasoned beautifully and cooked to a perfect medium rare. I LOVED the ratatouille that was served with the steak. The veggies had a perfect sear to them. I was only able to eat half of this delicious meal, so our server bagged up the remainder and my husband happily enjoyed it for dinner. My friend’s Pad Thai was a beautiful, large dish with ricenoodles, bok choy, onion, ginger, carrot, egg,tamarind sauce, peanuts, cilantro and tofu. It had a wonderful, spicy kick to it, but not so spicy that it was hard to eat. She loved it and has easily able to make two meals out to the generous portion.

Food Dance has a large variety of options on their menu and very clearly mark all meals for dietary needs. The menu changes seasonally to make sure all items are fresh. They also have a full bar featuring creative cocktails and are proud supporters of Michigan Craft Brewers. If wine is your drink, they have an extensive wine list with many different varieties.

The service, every single time I’ve visited, has been exceptional. The severs are incredibly knowledgeable and are more than happy to make suggestions for beer or wine pairings with your meals. I am always delighted with the wonderful service at Food Dance Café.

I will definitely be back for more amazing eats at Food Dance. I would highly recommend any meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner. You really can’t go wrong. Call up your best gal pal, have a great meal and catch up!

Elizabeth Buckley is a hairstylist by day and 24/7 food enthusiast. She visits restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and blogs about her experience at feedmekzoo.com

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