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Stay and Play in the Waters of Michigan

In Michigan, you are always within six miles of a body of water. And in a state like ours, it only makes sense to take full advantage of the beautiful scenes and activities it offers. Visiting Michigan’s different waters creates spectacular trips to enjoy, new memories, stories and stirs pride in us for our beautiful state. Some of Michigan’s extravagant water aspects include activities that may surprise you.

This new and interesting water activity Michigan has to offer will spike adrenaline, leaving visitors craving more! Cliff jumping is an activity you might not be aware of this summer that offers a whole new area of adventure to both natives and tourists!

Blackrocks | Marquette, MI
This is a 10-15-foot drop into Lake Superior; an excellent jump for first timers. Surrounding the jump are access points to the water and open areas to sit and enjoy the rocky landscape.

Canyon River Falls | L’Anse, MI
This jump is a favorite, especially for hikers. It takes some hiking to arrive to the spot but is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Jumping off the cliff is a height to spike adrenaline tucked away in shaded trees with a small waterfall.

Rock Quarry | Monroe, MI
This rock quarry has crystal clear water that enables you to see over 100 feett deep. Swimmers can jump from the quarry edge or use the nearby rope swing.

Dead River Falls | Marquette, MI
This jump is 45 feet making it perfect for adrenaline junkies and hikers as it requires an enjoyable mile hike to the high jumping destination! This jump is more for professionals due to some structures under the water.

Some of the most beautiful, relaxing gems of this state are its waterfalls. They’re tucked away in Michigan’s greenery and offer their relaxing sounds of rushing water and mesmerizing movements for eyes. It’s no surprise Michigan is home to 200+ waterfalls, which makes it a perfect location for adventures. These trips are perfect no matter the season because their beauty never changes.

Bond Falls | Paulding, MI
Bond falls is a magnificent waterfall with the surrounding area serving their well-known ice cream and Paulding Lights legend. Bond Falls is also wheelchair accessible.

Memorial Falls | Munising, MI
Memorial Falls is a smaller waterfall that enables visitors to view it from top, below, and behind. While visiting this area, make sure to check out the many other falls Munising has to offer like Wagner, Scott, and Horseshoe Falls.

Tahquamenon Falls | Luce County, MI
This is the second largest waterfall to the east of the Mississippi, the first being Niagara. This is a great place to enjoy kayaking and watch 50,000 gallons of “root beer” water drop into the river.

Hungarian Falls | Hubbell, MI
Trees surround this waterfall, offering a canopy of green and the area includes a pond, dam, and trails. However, this waterfall is the highlight of the area as the water spills down like a large fountain.

Finally, it’s no surprise we’re talking about beaches and lakes; they’re Michigan’s statement! But every one of them is different. Taking trips to visit the different lakes can open your eyes to see how extravagant Michigan is and how vastly different each part of the state is. Most of these beaches and lakes have areas for camping, hiking, and history. They are the perfect place to relax, enjoy friends and family, and simply take in Michigan’s wonders.

Warren Dunes and Silver Lake
These beaches are home to large sand dunes. At Warren, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the crystal blue lake and Silver Lake offers miles of sand to explore. Many will bring hammocks for the view and dune buggies for the fun!

Torch Lake, Higgins Lake, and Kitch-iti-kipi
These lakes are a sight to see as home to some of the clearest waters in Michigan and the world! Kitch-iti-kipi is not a lake, but Michigan’s largest freshwater spring with translucent water leading to its emerald bottom.

Lake Michigan Overlook | Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive
This magnificent dune is 450 feet tall that leads right down to Lake Michigan. This dune also includes a lookout deck that allows you to take in the overpowering largeness of Lake Michigan.

Walloon Lake and Glen Lake Walloon Lake is known for its beautiful turquoise water while Glen Lake is one of the bluest lakes in Michigan. At these lakes, you’ll feel as if you’ve left Michigan without doing so and enjoy Michigan’s different colors!

* Cliff jumping can result in serious injury. Women’s LifeStyle assumes no responsibility for or any injuries that may occur. Jump at your own risk! And never jump alone.

Emily Reed is a student at GVSU studying Writing & minoring in Political Science. In college, she has been a member of the Laker Marching Band and the GV Running Club. After graduation, Emily looks to be an editor while writing young adult fiction to inspire young writers.

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