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In the Bag – What Are Your Essential Beach Bag Items?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to get outside and hit the gorgeous beaches of Southwest Michigan. We reached out and asked the readers of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine, what is always in your beach bag? Here are just a few great ideas to make your day at the beach a total breeze.

“I like to take a king size sheet and use it for a beach blanket. It is cheap, easy to clean and provides plenty of space for everyone to enjoy soaking up the sun.”


“I always pack an oblong Tupperware container (one large enough to fit your entire foot). When we arrive at the beach I fill the container with water and put it at the edge of our beach blanket. A quick dunk in the water and sand is washed off of feet and kept off of your blanket.”


“Hair Stuff! My hair can quickly become a big mess at the beach, so I like stock my beach bag with leave-in conditioner, a Wet Brush and plenty of hair ties. Hair ties are a must while I’m swimming and laying in the sun. After I am done swimming for the day, I like to apply a little leave-in conditioner, brush out the tangles and let my hair air dry.”


“A little sun goes a long way for me! I make sure to keep plenty of sunscreen in my beach bag. I like to have a good waterproof spray sunscreen, lip balm and an after sun aloe with me whenever I’m at the beach.”


“I don’t leave the house without my large Yeti Rambler bottle. You can fill it with ice and 64 oz of water and after a full day at the beach you still have ice cold water.”


“Protein bars, trail mix and fresh fruit are a must for my beach bag. I don’t enjoy leaving the beach for meals or bringing half of my kitchen out to cook at the beach, so I like to throw some filling snacks in my beach bag. Just enough to curb my hunger during the day. Then we love to head into town for a nice supper to cap off our beach day.”


“I’m big on the little things. I like to stock my beach bag with baby wipes, hand sanitizer, a small first aid kit and some disposable grocery bags to use as a trash bag.”


“After many years of wishing I would have planned better, I never leave home without a full change of clothes (don’t forget the underthings!) so I don’t have to explore town or drive home in my soggy swimsuit. I also love to throw a cute coverup in my beach bag for those times I want to walk around town a bit, but I’m not ready to leave the beach for the day.”


“Earphones, a great playlist and my copy of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine. I can’t do a day at the beach without great music and something great to read.”


“An airline pillow is one of the best things I have in my beach bag. They are amazing for resting your face while getting some sun on your back.”

– TIA K.

“I pack a small makeup bag with a little cash, keys and my phone. I tuck that bag in my larger bag so I can easily find those items that always seem to fall to the very bottom of my bag.”


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