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St. Joseph Restaurant Review

After studying their website, I was told they don’t take reservations, but you can use an app to get in line before you get there. Since it was early in the season, I figured it wouldn’t be bad, so I decided to chance it.

When we arrived in St. Joe, I was surprised as to how busy the beach town was! I found my way to hostess station to get checked in and was relieved to find out it was only about a 30-minute wait.

There was an Antique show going up right next to the restaurant, so we walked over there and looked around for a little bit. After about 20 minutes, we headed back to the restaurant, found a nice bench outside the doors and enjoyed the sunshine. What was cool was that when we checked in, they got my phone number and said we would get a text message when our table was ready. Sure enough, about five minutes after we got to our nice spot outside, I received a text message saying that our table was ready!

We were brought back to a high-top table in the “patio” area of the restaurant. It’s actually indoors, but on warmer days they open the garage doors in this area to give it a nice indoor/outdoor feel. The day I visited was only about 70 degrees, so they remained shut. There was also a cute little bar in this area. The décor was cute and eclectic.

There was a large green plastic dot on our table, and we were instructed to flip it over to the other side, which was red, if we needed our server to stop by. I immediately flipped it! We were starved and I wanted to get an appetizer in sooner than later.

Our server greeted us shortly. I ordered one of their famous SCHOONERS, which is simply a large beer with a frozen glass. We also ordered their FRICKLES (fried pickles) to start.


What seemed like just a few minutes later our server returned with my very large cold beer, and our delicious looking pickles. I loved that they were spears rather than chips. I also loved that they were not greasy at all, yet kind of crispy and flavorful. Delicious!


We then ordered our pizza! I wanted to stick with a STANDARD PEPPERONI, while my lunch companion went with the UNDERTOW, which had sausage, pepperoni, fresh garlic and bacon! Both came out shortly after and looked amazing!

Mine was particularly cheesy (just how I like it) and I absolutely loved the pepperoni! The sauce was a little on the sweeter side, so with all the cheesiness, it was a good balance. The crust was golden and crispy. I wouldn’t call it a thin crust, but not super thick either.

The Undertow was packed with toppings. It was cut into squares rather than your typical slices, probably to make it easier to eat. The garlic wasn’t too much, a perfect addition to all the meats.

The restaurant was very busy by the time we left, so I can only imagine that later in the summer it gets absolutely packed, especially on the weekends. Parking could get tricky, but their website offers a few alternatives to their small parking lot.

The area in general is perfect for a fun day, with the Children’s Museum just a up a few stairs, the carousel right outside its doors, and of course, beautiful Lake Michigan just steps away.

Silver Beach Pizza lived up to the hype! I’ll definitely be back. As far as being a contender for the area’s best pizza? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Elizabeth Buckley is a hairstylist by day and 24/7 food enthusiast. She visits restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and blogs about her experience at feedmekzoo.com I drove to the Lakeshore on a sunny and warm Sunday because I have been on the hunt for the area’s best pizza. I have heard over and over again throughout the years that SILVER BEACH PIZZA is where it’s at.

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