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Summer Savings

Dollar stores like Five Below, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree all sell products by quality brands for lower prices, than other stores who sell the same products for much higher prices. Get your summer staples for $1-5 (sandals, flip flops, sunglasses, sun hats, baseball caps, etc.) at these cheaper retailers, and you’ll be able to afford every item in every color.

Several retailers offer discounts and coupons for shoppers that use their apps for purchases. Check out the apps for the stores you shop at this summer to see what savings they offer. Also check out the app called PoshMark. PoshMark users can sell their clothing and accessories that they no longer want, whether new with tags or gently used. You can make extra cash on the app by listing items you no longer love, and even shop for designer pieces for super low prices.

If you’ve always wanted to get your swimsuit at the lingerie leader Victoria’s Secret, but couldn’t afford the high prices you need to shop during the Semi- Annual Sale. It occurs every year in June (and December). Call your local VS store on June 1st to keep track of when the Semi-Annual Sale takes place for 2019, so that you can take a more expensive swimsuit home for a low price. By shopping during this sale, you’ll be able to afford more than one swimsuit and even a cover up!

Great summer weather allows you to step out of the stores and shop the booths at flea markets, festivals, carnivals, and art shows that will come to town this summer. You’ll be able to explore clothing and accessories from different cultures with rare fabrics, beading, stitching, and designs for a few dollars.

Focus on taking advantage of the summer clearance and sale racks. Clearance and sale racks can be messy and require a lot of untangling. Pick a day and take the time to really go through them! You’ll find cheap prices on things you need! Never buy clearance or sale items without trying them on first. Items on sale and clearance are usually not returnable so, always try before you buy. You won’t want to get stuck with items that don’t fit and can’t be returned. Don’t risk wasting money by not trying anything on first!

Janae Thomas is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She is passionate about writing, fashion, & the empowerment of women. Headshot by Robin Maxim.

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