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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April usually brings grey skies and showers, but don’t let the gloomy weather keep you from celebrating the arrival of spring. Bright, colorful rain gear brings a fun pop of color to the gloomiest day. Don’t let the weather discourage you from looking your best! The best thing about the rainy weather is that it serves as an excuse to go shopping for new rain gear!

If you prefer a classic style, solid colors are for you. Rain boots range in color from neutral to neon and are easy to find in department and specialty stores. If you want high quality, classic rain boots check out Hunter, the leading brand of rain boot. Hunter boots are extremely popular in Michigan, and can be found at V&A Bootery and stores in the Crossroads Mall.

Invest in a high quality umbrella this year. It will last much longer than cheaper umbrellas that tend to easily break!

If you like to infuse a little fun in your fashion, you might want to try patterned rain boots. Patterned rain boots are a bold accessory, and serve as a statement piece for any look.

2019 outerwear trends include puffy sleeves, double breasted styles, oversized garments, marigold colors, and plaid patterns. Rain coats are heavier than rain jackets, and are essential for cold, rainy Michigan days.

A classic and simple rain jacket will never go out of style. Rain jackets work for mild spring to warmer summer weather. For 2019, runway styles have included see-through rain jackets. Expect to see the 2019 transparent color trend for rain jackets in stores!

Waterproof makeup is good to have for rainy days. You won’t have to worry about your makeup running! Use micellar water, olive oil or petroleum jelly with round cotton pads to gently remove waterproof makeup.

Janae Thomas is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She is passionate about writing, fashion, & the empowerment of women. Headshot by Robin Maxim.

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