Lake Michigan College to survey community members

BENTON HARBOR, MI – Lake Michigan College is seeking the community’s help in setting its goals for the future. Using the online survey at, community members can provide feedback that will be used to develop the college’s next five-year strategic plan and update its mission statement. The survey will close April 3, 2019.

The first part of the survey asks for five key words or phrases that describe what the college should strive to achieve on behalf of the region. The second part of the survey asks for feedback about the college’s current goals: academic excellence, student success and community impact.

LMC President Dr. Trevor Kubatzke said, “We’re here for the members of our community. We want to be sure we’re on the right track as we establish a foundation for the future.”

The college’s current mission statement was adopted by the Board of Trustees in January 1998 and updated in 2013. The full text can be found at

Director of Accreditation Melissa Emery and Dean of Career & Workforce Education Dr. Kenneth Flowers are the chairs of the college’s 2019-2024 Strategic Planning Committee.

“The current mission statement was developed through a process suited to the nature of the institution at that time,” said Flowers. “We will use the survey results to hopefully end up with a statement that is shorter and more memorable, as well as more specific to our region and culture.”

For more information about the survey and the Strategic Planning Committee, visit

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