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Reader’s Lounge – March 2019

by Janell Cannon

This is a classic children’s book that is wonderful to read aloud. This baby fruit bat is separated from her mother and finds herself in the nest of baby birds. She dislikes the bugs that mama bird feeds her and is scolded for teaching the baby birds to hang upside down, but when she finds her fellow fruit bats, she keeps her bird friends because being different doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age
by Mary Pipher

Mary Pipher is the author of Another Country and other books about aging. Here she tackles the older generation of women who have experienced many roles in their life, sister, friend, mother, and wife and are now facing cultural and roles changes as they age. She explores how this role in life brings together the maturity of age and experience with resiliency to give this generation of women a joyous life.

Golden Child
by Claire Adam

This contemporary novel is set in Trinidad follows a family with a hard working father, stay at home mother and twin 13 year old boys. Although twins, they are not alike. Peter is smart, Paul shy withdrawn and not quite right. When Paul disappears a nightmare begins that no parent wants to face.

The Hidden Life of Trees, The Illustrated Edition
by Peter Wohlleben

We now have even more to admire about trees. This beautifully illustrated edition brings to life the popular book that taught us about these magnificent trees that populate earth. Their functions keep us alive and fill us with shade and beauty. Exquisite color photographs make this a great gift book.

Committing to the Climb, A Story about Mountains and Marriage
by Bill Klinesteker

This is a picture book for adults. The full color photographs are a background for the poem written for a couple beginning their life path. This is a local author who has an eye for photographic detail and compassionate writing. It’s a perfect gift for a couple at any age.

Suggestions brought to you by Gloria Tiller, owner of Kazoo Books. Kazoo Books features used and new titles. The staff is experienced & can help you with suggestions. Come visit them at 2413 Parkview. There is plenty of parking in the back.

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