The Great Regional Mystery Writers Panel!

Join Bryan Gruley, Joseph Heywood, Mark Love & Vern Smith for an illuminating, informal Q&A. Expect amusing anecdotes, tall tales, some Michigan history & a few thoughts on the mechanics of storytelling. There will be treats!


Bryan Gruley is the award-winning, critically acclaimed author of the forthcoming novel Bleak Harbor, which Gillian Flynn calls “an electric bolt of suspense.” Two-time Edgar Award winner Steve Hamilton says Bleak Harbor is “unlike any other crime book I’ve ever read.”

Starvation Lake, the first book of his Starvation Lake trilogy, was a Finalist for the Edgar Award.

Joe Heywood is the storied author of many titles, including the Woods Cop series, featuring U.P. conservation officer Grady Service. Bad Optics is the 11th and latest installment.

Mark Love is a former freelance reporter who lived in the Detroit Metropolitan Area for many years. He’s the author of six mystery novels and three Jamie Richmond romance mysteries.

Vern Smith is a veteran of four newspapers and three magazines. His Novelette, The Gimmick, was a finalist for Canada’s highest crime-writing honor, the Arthur Ellis Award. The Green Ghetto is out now from Run Amok Books.

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