The 7thAnnual Kalamazoo Legacy Luncheon

KALAMAZOO, MI, January 20, 2019— The Kalamazoo Legacy Luncheon will be putting on its 7thannual event in celebration of Black History Month. The luncheon is on February 4 from 11:15a.m. to 1p.m. at the Kalamazoo Institute for Arts. Vera Bumpers, First Woman Chief of Houston METRO Police Department and 42nd President of National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) will serve as the Keynote Speaker.

The Legacy Luncheon brings together the community to celebrate Black History Month. The luncheon will provide a scholarship to one student scholar from Phoenix High School. Over the last 11 years, The Legacy Luncheon has given away more than $110,000 in scholarships between both the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo event.

Prior to the community luncheon, a “Youth Town Hall: Policing in the Community-Where Do We Go From Here?” will be hosted. This will be a panel discussion lead by high students to talk about their views on police relationships in the community. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions to top tier law enforcement from Kalamazoo Police Department and Vera Bumpers, the Chief of Houston METRO Police and President of NOBLE. Students will ask questions such as what they would like to see changed and how they view the police.

“Having the students and police come together could be the difference in policing we’re looking for,” said Jessica Ann Tyson, owner of JA PR Group, who puts on the event each year. “We know there are challenges, but if we don’t bring everyone to the table how can we open the dialogue?”

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