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The Color Red

If you study & consider the color ‘red’ you’ll find that it is a color of many things – love, passion, confidence, joy, energy, excitement, power, action, stimulation, motivation, courage, strength, life, pain, & even death. Red is such an interesting color, as it correlates strongly to opposite ends of both emotional and physical spectrums.

Additional considerations on the impact of Red – it tends to grab attention, encourage conversation & appetite, & appeal to men. When worn in garments, it can project a sense of power or trigger sensuality. It is a color of great influence, therefore best selected & used carefully.

As individuals we each perceive color in our own personal way. How we identify color may vary from person to person, dependent on life’s journey, areas of study, personal likes and dislikes, just to name a few. Although these personal perceptions and experiences may vary, one thing has been tested, and that is the psychological response that certain colors evoke.

Color surrounds us, and with an awareness of the use of color can create an advantage. For example, in considering the color Red, if you are feeling down or need a little energy ‘pick me up,’ add a splash of Red to your ensemble. Whether it is in the form of a top, jacket, or a stain of lip color, you can be assured of the energy it will create.

“There is a shade of Red for every woman.” —Audrey Hepburn
Audrey would be correct! There is a shade of Red for you. First, know the difference … the Hue, is the color (Red). Next is the Temperature, which is Cool – Warm – Neutral in its undertone. And lastly, the Value, Light – Medium – Dark. With all colors (hues) there are many shades. The answer for which color(s) is best for you lies in your own natural features. Consider your natural skin tone, hair color, and eye color and pattern. Not sure what is best? Consider a personal color assessment, which will give you direction in color selection for not only your garments, but also your make-up and hair color too.

Options abound when considering the use of Red in garments and wardrobe development. To best consider how to use the color in your own wardrobe, consider your personal style – how classic, edgy, feminine, or natural are you? Next consider what you do and the types of people you are in front of, and then how you want to be perceived by others. If you are the keynote speaker at your next leadership event a jacketed ensemble or dress in solid Red may be your answer. If you are looking to increase your command, yet keep communication open, a red blouse paired with a navy jacket/cardigan would be a great selection.

Whether getting dressed for your day or making that next purchase, keep these considerations in mind when using the color RED in your wardrobe.

Kelly Duggan is an Image Consultant specializing in executive and personal image development, etiquette & communication skills. She is a certified member of the Assoc. of Image Consultants Int’l. Contact Kelly at: www.kellyduggan.com.

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