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Traditional Wedding Cake Alternatives

Are traditional wedding cakes not your cup of tea? Thankfully the wedding dessert scene has radically evolved over the past twenty years and now there is an elegant dessert offering to please every bride and groom who don’t dream of the standard white wedding cake.

Rich and decadent, cheesecake has long been a staple of dessert menus around the world. In recent years this luscious dessert has been making its way from the dessert menu to the wedding cake table. Whether you choose to top your cheesecake with fruit or flowers, this beautiful dessert is sure to be a hit with your guests.

Donut Cake
If you are looking for a fun and lighthearted dessert, you might want to consider a donut cake. Easy to stack and decorate and even easier on the wedding budget, donuts are a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. The donut cake is a modern and delicious trend that is a great addition to any celebration.

French Macaroon Cake
An excellent way trim you wedding budget is to have family and friends prepare homemade desserts to be featured on a dessert buffet. These lovely displays are typically anchored by a very small (often one layer) traditional wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut. The dessert bar is a guest favorite, as it allows multiple choices for your guests (including those with food sensitivities or those who are just plain picky).

Dessert Bar
Available in a rainbow of colors, French macaroons are beautiful little treats that have long been incorporated into wedding décor as favors, place settings, or compliments to a desserttable. Now these stylish and elegant deserts are taking center stage, as the main attraction of the dessert table as the wedding cake.

While not a new idea, serving a variety of pies in place of cake is a growing trend in the wedding industry. There are many ways to serve pie at your wedding: pie bar, at the individual tables (family style), or even tiered like a traditional wedding cake. With many possibilities of fillings, crusts, toppings, and sizes, it’s not surprising to see this trend taking off in recent years.

Crepe Cake
If a beautiful tower of light and airy crepes held together by rich, creamy frosting speaks to your soul, then you might consider letting this delicate dessert replace the traditional cake on your wedding day. Frosting colors and flowers are easily interchangeable to make this dessert fit any color scheme.

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