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Reader’s Lounge – January 2019

Lives Laid Away
by Stephen Mack Jones
August Snow is back! Fans of this Detroit investigator will love the 2nd in the series published by SoHo Crime. Stephen Mack Jones has created a character who knows Detroit’s inner neighborhoods and people. August was in the police force until he uncovered their deep dark secret. Now, he is on his own, helping to solve the crimes no one else can, including the police.

A Magical Winter
by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick
In an enchanting combination of words and photographs these books bring the beauty of nature right to your lap. This is one book in the large series of woods and nature photographed by Carl Sams. Many of the photographs of the deer were taken from his own backyard. Easy to read and fun to flip the pages.

The Hate U Give
by Angie Thomas
This year’s Community Read is a powerful portrait of the youth of today traversing in worlds that are hard to understand. Sixteen year old Starr lives in opposite worlds of poor and affluent. When her best friend is shot by the police, she must make adult decisions that will change her life forever.

The Bone and Sinew of the Land: America’s Forgotten Black Pioneers & the Struggle for Equality
by Anna-Lisa Cox
This history lesson gives us insight into the lives of black settlers in 1818 in the mid-western states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Highlighting Keziah and Charles Grier, the author takes us through their struggle for equality and building a better life for their families. An important story of early America and one we should all know..

Freak Kingdom: Hunter S. Thompson’s Manic Ten Year Crusade Against American Fascism
by Timothy Denevi
If you remember the name of Hunter Thompson, it’s usually related to drugs, wild parties and outrageous behavior. But really deep down, he was a journalist on a mission. His goal was to expose injustice in many areas. His political writing is some of the best writing in our history. This is the story behind the headlines that marked this icon writer.

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