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For those new to podcasts: welcome. Podcasts are a digital audio files available for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Available on iTunes (for Apple users) or Google Play, Spotify, Stitchr, Podcast Addict (for Android users). They are typically available as a series, which can be received by subscribers automatically. Podcasts are one of the quickest growing forms of entertainment. With 525,000 active podcasts and over 18.5 million episodes, it is safe to say that podcasts are here to stay. The staff at Women’s LifeStyle has complied a list of some of our favorite podcasts for you to enjoy. Do you have a favorite podcast? Share your suggestions with us by emailing editor@wlskazoo.com.

Hosted By Rachel & Dave Hollis the Rise Together podcast is full of practical advice to help you and your partner navigate life and be the best versions of yourself. You will laugh, cry, and laugh until you cry while realizing that we all face many of the same issues in relationships.

TAPPED -Suzannah Z.
Tapped is a hilarious collection of improvised scenes that are just the type of conversations that the NSA might be inclined to eavesdrop on while tapping one of our many smart devices. The three hosts are joined by an impressive lineup of actors and improvisers who really make this podcast shine.

Are you looking for something interesting to discuss at your next dinner party? Whether you are looking for an ice breaker, a news story, an obscure “on this day in history” fact or a cocktail recipe, this podcast has something to offer. A special guest joins the hosts each week for small talk, etiquette answers, and food talk. Note: After 10 years, Dinner Party Download released their final episode. But there still is an extensive catalog of entertaining episodes to listen to.

The podcast’s name is an honest answer to the question, How are you? It is easy to connect because we have all wanted to forget the polite answer, and share our honest answer: I’m doing terrible, thanks for asking, or even just I don’t even know. Hearing stories of people who are going through something terrible is cathartic; and it helps make you feel okay about not being okay.

Host Jena Kutcher guides you in your quest to turn your passion into profits. Featuring productivity tips, business hacks, inspirational stories, and social medial strategies, this podcast helps you design your dream career. Interviews with the best in business help the listener get inspired & tackle their biggest goals along the way.

CRIMETOWN -Suzannah Z.
Crimetown is an amazing podcast that investigates the crime and corruption in a different city each season. An astonishing series of stories where lines are blurred and it’s hard to tell the good guys from bad come together, this podcast series will leave you begging for the next episode. Season One walks the listener through the dark side of Providence, Rhone Island and Season Two is focused on the Motor City, Detroit.

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