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Reader’s Lounge – December 2018

Rosie, A Detroit Herstory
by Bailey Sisoy Isgro

A story of heroism set during World War II, this new release from Wayne State University Press takes place in Detroit, where women were doing the jobs left empty by the men serving in the armed forces. They built airplanes, worked with machinery and banded together in factories to advance the war effort. The format works for young students as well as adults who want an easy overview of an amazing part of our local history.

The Faygo Book
by Joe Grimm

Who hasn’t heard of Faygo Pop? Most of us remember it fondly as the beverage of our childhoods, but many don’t realize that Faygo is a Detroit company. Founded by two Russian immigrants in 1907, this company and family have spanned three generations and survived depressions, wars and hard economic times. Faygo is still going strong and has outlived forty other bottlers in the area. Part business story with insight on how to grow a business, part Michigan history lesson, this is a nostalgic look at the drink that defined many of our childhoods.

Kingdom of the Blind: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel
by Louise Penny

Fans of Inspector Gamache will love his next case. An immensely entertaining detective, who lives in Three Pines area near Quebec, is the creation of award-winning writer, Louise Penny who once again provides a page-turning mystery that holds us captive. If you haven’t yet tuned in to this popular series, begin by reading the first book in the series Still Life. Recommended for any mystery reader.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century
by Yuval Noah Harari

The author of the popular Sapiens has written an interesting and compelling examination of the possible effects of technology on our future. What do we have to look forward to as technology continues to change us? Part of understanding what lies ahead includes looking at our history and seeking to understand how it has formed us into the beings we are now. Harari tackles the big questions about our privacy, working conditions and how to prepare for an ever-changing future.

The Library Book
by Susan Orlean

It seems that many novels written lately have been set in libraries and bookstores. Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief contributes another to the field. On April 29, 1986, a fire at the Los Angeles Public Library damaged hundreds of thousands of books and, thirty years later, questions still remain about how this could happen. The author’s investigation takes us back to the beginning of the library in 1880 and explores the history of these stalwart institutions that inspire our imaginations and love of books to this day.

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