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Get Your Gifts There on Time

While Santa may not be crossing the world in a single evening to distribute the goods to holiday revelers, shipping services are certainly working overtime this month to delivery cheer. By now, many of us probably have experience purchasing and sending gifts to loved ones afar, and may be familiar with the feeling of waiting anxiously to see if your present will arrives on time. Fortunately, the punctuality of your gift is not up to fate; there are steps you can take to ensure that your gift arrives right on time.

Adobe Analytics reported that online shopping hit a record high of $108.2 billion in the 2017 holiday shopping season, and all indicators suggest it will only increase in the years to come. Holiday shoppers who want to ensure their loved ones will receive their gifts on time should turn to online shopping. Many of your favorite local retailers likely offer the ability to order their items online. When checking out, have gifts shipped directly to loved ones’ homes. Many retailers will even wrap gifts for a nominal fee.

This year, Christmas falls on a Tuesday, something that shoppers who plan to rely on two-day or overnight shipping should keep that in mind. Some delivery services may be open throughout the weekend before Christmas, while others may only be open on Saturday. Last-minute shoppers, whether they’re shopping online or in-person, should confirm their shipping options well in advance of Christmas. Because Christmas takes place early in the week this year, getting gifts to their destination on time may require shoppers to purchase and ship them earlier than they otherwise might.

Consumer Reports notes that UPS and FedEx shipments automatically come with declared-value coverage of up to $100. (Note: Declared value is the carrier’s maximum liability.) Purchasing additional insurance can ease shoppers’ concerns about lost or stolen packages. Just be sure to keep all invoices and receipts in case claims must be filed. Shoppers also should ask for tracking numbers on all packages so they can confirm when packages are delivered.

Many delivery services now have off-site drop-off boxes that can make it easy to send gifts. This is a convenient service, but shoppers who use them won’t be able to have a company employee provide in-person confirmation that their packages are secured to company standards. Poorly packaged items may never be shipped. Visit the shipping company’s website for packaging guidelines, and include a business card and duplicate label inside the package just in case it is damaged after being dropped off.

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