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Local Shopping: Chocolatea & The Pantry on Tap

CHOCOLATEA has been in business since 2008, when Polly Kragt decided to retire from her career as a Registered Nurse to pursue her passion for “the art of the cup”. She combined her love of tea with a weakness for good chocolate and ChocolaTea was born. Buoyed by her success with ChocolaTea and inspired to honor her Italian heritage, Polly opened THE PANTRY ON TAP just a few doors down in 2015. Additionally, Polly will open a new retail store in Crossroads Mall called INFUSION. Opening in October, it will combine products from Chocolatea and Pantry on Tap and will offer a larger retail space. Keep an eye out for this exciting new addition!


ChocolaTea sells a large selection of specialty chocolates that are locally sourced and sold by weight. Much of the selection is provided by Patricia’s of South Haven, whose gourmet chocolates are as beautiful as they are delicious. Customer favorites include almond bark, dark chocolate and sea salt chocolate.

ChocolaTea carries over 200 varieties of loose leaf tea, with an entire wall of black tea variations alone. Categories of teas include Oolong, green, fruit, herbal and Rooibos. They even offer PuErh teas, a complex fermented type of tea that is gaining in popularity. Sold in bulk, the teas are attractively displayed and allow customers to smell teas before buying.

ChocolaTea sells a large variety of cookies, pastries and pies that can be enjoyed with a hot beverage on site or taken home to enjoy later. Favorites like Matcha cookies (and brownies) as well as cookie dough and peanut butter brownies are in stock at all times, while new, seasonal treats are rotated in to make for an ever-changing menu of options.

The stores selection of hot beverages is vast, with coffee drinks, over a dozen tea lattes, boba tea and hot chocolates. With varieties like raspberry cheesecake, cinnamon sunset, butter brew and white chocolate, customers won’t soon run out of new drinks to try. The café also serves a small selection of sandwiches and soups for those looking for a quick bite.

ChocolaTea is the place to go to buy accessories for the tea lover in your life. From adorable tea pots and cups to single serving teas and tea over ice brewing systems, you’re sure to find something to add to your collection.


The Pantry on Tap offers customers high quality oils and vinegars in an amazing variety of flavors. Over twenty vinegars, including flavors like summer peach and spicy sriracha, await customers who are welcome to sample each one to find a favorite. There is an equally large selection of oils carefully sourced from single estate producers from all over the world. Caramelized garlic, lavender, blood orange and peppered bacon are just a few of the flavors available and can be taken home in a refillable bottle.

The Pantry on Tap also sells an impressive selection of bulk spices (both stand alone and blends) for home chefs to experiment with in the kitchen. The spices are fresh and most are organic. Customers can purchase the exact amount that they need, ensuring that their cabinet doesn’t fill up with unused, aging spices. Familiar favorites like Italian seasoning and paprika share the shelves with more exotic choices like Piri Piri, chili lime and Za’atar blends. Customers can also buy specialty flavored salts and sugars to add interest to their cooking.

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