Good Deeds in the Neighborhood

This column’s purpose is to highlight special stories of everyday people, right here in southwest Michigan, doing good deeds. Women’s Lifestyle feels these stories are worth sharing because kindness has a ripple effect. When people hear the heart-warming stories, it encourages others and kindness multiplies.

This month we’re highlighting an August 3, 2018 Facebook story courtesy of Erin Meeks who posted a touching story and video of her husband, Bryan Meeks. After enjoying a nice dinner at Applebee’s on Gull Road, the couple decided to take the back roads home. While driving the Comstock Township country road in the dark, Bryan noticed something in a driveway. Upon further investigation he found an elderly man, Mr. J. Ward, in a motorized wheelchair that had run out of charge. He was attempting to scoot himself along so that he wouldn’t get hit by passing vehicles. Limited in his efforts because he has only one leg, he was worried he might have to stay outside all night.

Luckily for Mr. Ward, Bryan has worked for Mulder’s Moving & Storage for ten years and had built up quite a bit of muscle strength. Bryan pushed Larry in his wheelchair up the very steep and rough driveway where he was able to get Larry safely back into his home. Mr. Ward was very thankful to Bryan for his assistance.

Bryan Meeks is known for his strong work ethic and kindness while working with customers and is professional and upbeat. He and his wife, Erin are raising four children ages 15, 10, 5 and 1 1/2. Family is first and foremost for him. He enjoys golfing and loves fishing. He said he loves people and helping them out because it’s the right thing to do. He notes that his father, a Baptist minister, and mother worked hard to raise the family and they always helped others. Since his random act of kindness has gone public Bryan said his Facebook account has “blown up” with lots of compliments from family, friends, co-workers and strangers. Even his kids are impressed and his son said, “Dad, you are our own neighborhood super-hero!”

Mary Beth Lyons is a writer and owner of A Single Ray of Hope LLC, A Personal Assistant & Concierge Service. Contact Mary Beth at and on Facebook at

Greater-Kalamazoo Women’s Lifestyle would like to share more stories of our neighbors in southwest Michigan doing good deeds but we need your help. Please submit your stories or videos of everyday people displaying noteworthy acts of kindness to We’re also seeking local businesses to donate gift cards for meals and services to thank our community super-heroes for their kindness and good deeds. Please let us know if your business would like to donate. Comensoli’s has generously donated a $30 gift card to Bryan and Erin Meeks so they can enjoy another dinner out sometime soon.

Kindness does, indeed, have a ripple effect. Pass it on!

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