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Look Who’s Talking – Loretta Cipkus Dubray

When Michigan Celebrates Small Business announced its 2018 list for its Michigan 50 Companies to Watch, President and CEO Loretta Cipkus Dubray was thrilled to see her company, Global Clinical Connections, named as an Awardee. This Portage company works with Biotech and Pharma companies in helping get life-changing drugs to market. They work with clinical trial drugs that are undergoing clinical trials all over the world. Loretta and her team work with drugs for cancer, pain, AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy and more, a fact she finds deeply satisfying. Knowing that the work her company does helps to improve lives all over the world inspires and motivates Loretta daily.

Loretta has always had a deep and interest in science and its potential to change the world. She earned both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Biology from John Carroll University and received a Certification in Executive Leadership from the University Notre Dame. With her desire to help people and interest in understanding how things work, starting Global Clinical Connections was a natural choice. Her work allows her to be part of the process of bringing life-saving drugs to patients who desperately need them.

To ensure the success of the business, Global Clinical Connections hires the most talented people around. Loretta and her staff work hard and strive for the best. Loretta never takes anything for granted, including the privilege of providing employment to people. Believing that curiosity is a virtue, Loretta reads voraciously and dedicates much of her time serving the community in a number of local organizations. She’s passionate about leaving a sustainable planet for the next generation, maintaining the advances women have made over the years and investing in the children that represent the
future of this world.

Loretta and her husband, Ray, are happily married with two daughters, Monica and Olivia. Her innate sense of curiosity shows itself in her personal life as well. She teaches water aerobics and group cycling, is an avid gardener and loves to travel whenever her schedule allows. She enjoys attending rock concerts and is unusually talented at “Name that Tune”. A perfect day for Loretta includes an early morning workout, catching up with a friend over breakfast and a lazy afternoon. Then, in the evening, she would explore local sights and sounds and share a good meal with her husband, Ray.

One comment on “Look Who’s Talking – Loretta Cipkus Dubray

  1. My dearest daughter, Loretta, I am very proud of you. God bless you for what you do for others.
    Reading about “your star” for today I think this is very fitting for you. Fun to read: “Witnessing a masterful piece of work will inspire you to create something of your own. Keep your expectations reasonable and your heart light. Then congratulate yourself for putting something in the world that wasn’t there before.”
    Good luck Loretele.
    Love Mama

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