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Look Who’s Talking – Debi Howe

When SCORE Kalamazoo/SW Michigan was honored with the 2018 Chapter of the Year by the Michigan Small Business Association, Chair Debi Howe couldn’t have been more pleased. Not only did it serve as recognition of the hard work that SCORE volunteers pour into the Southwest Michigan community throughout the year, it means that she’s making headway in her goal: making Michigan a place her kids can live and work.

SCORE provides free and confidential business advice to individuals who need help navigating the world of small businesses. Whether they need help starting a company, growing their business, dealing with unexpected bumps in the road or simply want the wisdom that only someone who’s been there can provide, SCORE can meet that need. This much-needed advice and mentoring comes from SCORE’s dedicated group of volunteers comprised of experienced executives and entrepreneurs who want to give back to their community by using their time and talent to build a vibrant local business culture.

Debi herself joined SCORE Kalamazoo/SW Michigan in 2016 as a mentor, eager to put her business acumen to good use. She started her own company in 1991 with only seven employees and one client. By the time she sold it in 2003, the company, which Debi Howe provided tele-detailing, alternative marketing and computer modeling for healthcare organizations, employed around 400 people and claimed every major pharmaceutical company as a client. That very same year, when Pfizer decided to relocate their research and leadership team to New York, Debi found herself assisting several of the PhDs who stayed behind to start their own companies.

By October of 2017 Debi became the Chair of the Kalamazoo/SW Michigan chapter of SCORE. Her work ethic and faith in people serve her well in this position. She firmly believes in the potential of people to shine, if given the chance. She believes in holding herself to high standards and is thrilled to be surrounded by people who do the same. She’s inspired daily by the passion shown by both the mentors who selflessly serve and the clients who have such inventive and exciting ideas to bring to the world.

Debi is the proud mother of two grown children; a daughter and a son. She has three granddaughters (ages 5, 3 and one month old) whom she adores. When she’s not spending time with her family she is thrilled to be able give back through her work with SCORE. For more information about volunteer and mentorship opportunities, contact Debi at debi. howe@scorevolunteer.org.

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