Crawlspace Eviction to Begin Fifteenth Season

The fifteenth season of Crawlspace Eviction, Kalamazoo’s premiere improv and sketch comedy troupe, will begin September 21 and 22, with a weekend of shows entitled “Ramen,” a souper title, considering the theme of the troupe’s upcoming season.

“It’s soup,” said Dann Sytsma, director of Crawlspace Eviction. “Last season, our theme was board games, and we’re excited to see what we can do with this versatile liquid.”

Despite the possibly unexpected theme, it may be overshadowed by other upcoming changes, including a change of performance venues: for years, the troupe performed at Epic Centre’s Jolliffe Theatre, but it will now be performing at Crawlspace Comedy Theatre, a new venue operated by Crawlspace Theatre Productions, which is owned by Sytsma and also manages Crawlspace Eviction.

The new venue is located at 315 W. Michigan Ave., in the building that is now First Baptist Church. Ownership of the church is transitioning to the Kalamazoo Nonprofit Advocacy Coalition (KNAC).

“Operating our own performance space allows us to produce shows every week,” said Sytsma. “Not only will we be able to increase the number of performance weekends for our upcoming season from eight to nine, we’ll also be regularly hosting other local and out-of-town talent at the new space.”

With the change in venue will also come a drop in ticket prices, from $15 to $13 for general admission, and season passes will continue to be available for $89.

“Ticket prices never go down, so we’re excited to be able to do that for our audiences,” said Sytsma.

Crawlspace Comedy Theatre will offer weekly performances, including open mic, stand-up comedy every Monday, twice monthly improv comedy by Crawlspace Eviction and other troupes, sketch comedy and more.

Crawlspace Theatre Productions Crawlspace Theatre Productions was founded in 2003. It has produced and managed a variety of

entertainment, including the feature-length film, Comic Evangelists, which was an official selection of AFI Fest 2006. In addition to Crawlspace Comedy Theatre and Crawlspace Eviction, the production company currently heads adult and youth improv classes for the public, as well as Improv Effects, an organization that teaches improv techniques to employers and employees.

Kalamazoo Nonprofit Advocacy Coalition A charitable organization, KNAC’s mission includes alleviating poverty, eliminating discrimination and celebrating the arts; it partners exclusively with organizations that recognize and value the inherent worth and dignity of every person, foster awareness, demonstrate sensitivity, understand and respect all of its members and encourage individuals to strive to meet their own potential.

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