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Local Shopping: Don’s Card Hut

It’s no secret that Hallmark stores carry so much more than just greeting cards. We’ve long known that they’re the perfect place to find collectibles and figurines for the women and girls in our lives. But did you know that Don’s Card Hut is the perfect place to look for gifts for the men in your life? With two locations to serve you, you’re certain to find a thoughtful Father’s Day or graduation gift for your special guy here. Be sure to drop in and see the incredible selection for yourself!

The Connoisseur
Whether your Dad is a craft brewer, whiskey connoisseur or simply loves to keep a well-stocked bar, Don’s has a great selection of accoutrements to add to his collection. From glasses that say “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” to glass drink stirrers and whiskey rocks, you’re sure to find just the right choice for dear ol’ Dad’s bar.

The Star Wars Fanatic
Does your Dad regale you with stories about how he saw “Star Wars: A New Hope” on the big screen when he was your age? Does he insist on re-watching these “classics” over and over? Don’s has a wide selection of Star Wars themed merchandise that is sure to make him smile. Huge mugs, grill sets and figurines are just the beginning.

The Classic Car Buff
If your Dad loves to drool over classic cars, and one of the full-sized versions is out of your price range, why not check out Don’s vintage carthemed merchandise? Whether your Dad is a die-hard Mustang enthusiast or will forever be loyal to his favored Corvettes, you’ll find something here that is sure to light up his day. Don’s has matching father and child coffee mugs (Lug Nut and Little Lug Nut), books and miniature cars for him to display as he dreams of one day owning the real thing.

The Sports Fan
Does every weekend find your Dad in front of the TV, watching his favorite team battle it out on the field? Don’s carries a wide variety of merchandise that will allow your Dad to display his team spirit on a daily basis. Mugs, wine glasses, ornaments and more are all emblazoned with the logos of a number of favorite teams. From Michigan or Michigan State to the Detroit Lions or Chicago Cubs, Don’s has the gear you want from the teams he loves.

A Man of Many Words
Not every Dad is the strong, silent type. Some always have the right thing to say and are quick with a joke or words of wisdom. Why not give him a sign that tells him how valued he is…or makes him chuckle every time he sees it? It’s a gift that speaks for itself.

The Puzzle Master
Dads come in all shapes and sizes and some like nothing more than a quiet afternoon at home with a challenging puzzle to work on. Don’s carries a large selection of beautiful puzzles ranging from 350 to 2000. Why not grab a couple and offer to spend an afternoon putting one together as a family?

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