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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Does your father have enough ties and mugs to last a lifetime? This year, show dear ol’ Dad how much you love him with one of these unique gift ideas.

Take him out to the ballgame! Many dads will be glad to enjoy nice weather and eat hot dogs while cheering on the hometown team. Play Ball!

Is your Dad’s trusty old grill a little on the rusty side? Why not get him a new one for Father’s Day? If it’s a little outside of your price range, ask your siblings to go in with you on this gift that will keep on giving for many summers to come!

Is your Dad’s watch older than you are? It may be time for an upgrade. A new watch makes a great gift for Father’s Day! Find one that reflects his personal style and consider getting it engraved with words of love.

Take your dad out for a movie date! Let him pick the movie and snacks and maybe even treat him to dinner afterwards. He’ll love it if even more if you can get the whole family to come along!

Over the years tools can get lost and damaged, but many men hesitate to treat themselves to new ones. Invest in a shiny new tool kit! He’ll be thrilled to have what he needs and it’ll mean more coming from you.

Janae Thomas is a graduate of Western Michigan University, with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She is passionate about writing, fashion, & the empowerment of women. Headshot by Robin Maxim.

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