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Look Who’s Talking: Denise King

Many women these days are finding themselves in a club they never wished to join; the Sandwich Generation. This term was coined in the 1980’s to describe people who find themselves simultaneously caring for aging parents and raising their own children. The challenges facing those caring for two entirely different age groups are immense. The stress involved grows almost exponentially when one of a woman’s aging parents is sick and dying.

This is where Denise King and her team at Hospice Care of SW Michigan come in. As a patient reaches the advanced stages of their illness, Hospice Care is there to offer quality care to support both patients and caregivers. Denise joined the team in December of 2017 as Director of Development and Community and it didn’t take long for her to recognize how truly special the team at Hospice Care of SW Michigan is. She is inspired and humbled by the level of compassionate care given by every employee as they work to support families facing end-of-life illnesses. The excellent care they give allows families to focus on making memories with their loved ones rather than wasting time and energy navigating the unfamiliar world of hospice.

Denise’s role with Hospice Care of SW Michigan is to oversee advertising, donor and public relations, fundraising events, community outreach, education of agency services and social media platforms. Basically, it’s Denise’s responsibility to make sure people know about the services available to them as they navigate a difficult and upsetting time in their lives.

Although Denise is new to her position, she has worked almost her entire professional life to better the lives of those living in West Michigan. Prior to her tenure at Hospice Care of SW Michigan, Denise served as the first Director of Marketing and Communication for Goodwill Industries for Southwestern Michigan. When the new CEO of Goodwill took over the reins in 2000, Denise was his first hire and she worked with him for a little over 17 years. The opportunity to use her marketing and communication expertise in service to two great non-profit agencies has been a privilege that Denise doesn’t take for granted.

Denise is a woman of faith and family is everything to her. She has been married for twenty years to Greg, the love of her life, and together they have an eight year old son, Jacob. When they’re not cheering for Jacob and his undefeated team, the Kalamazoo Wolverines, during football season, the family loves to go on adventures together. They consider themselves amateur foodies and will travel quite a few miles in order to try a highly rated restaurant.

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