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Fashion Throwback

As we step into the invigorating days of spring, we explore a few trends from years past that have come surging back into our closets.

Statement Sleeves
This classic 80s look is all over the place right now. In contrast to the puffy shoulders we’ve seen in previous decades, it currently looks like sleeves with ruffles, bows or bells or off the shoulder dresses and tops. This is a fun look for spring that can be found at all price points. Pair one of these statement tops with a simple pair of jeans and delicate jewelry for an easy look with lots of style.

Pegged, High Waist Jeans
That’s right, those “mom” and “dad” jeans we sometimes joke about have been around for decades and are filling stores right now. For an up-to-date look, go for a slimmer fit from top to bottom than we saw in the 80s and 90s. Pair them with a front-tucked top for a modern look.

Velvet dresses were a go-to in the 80s whether you were Princess Diana or going to your junior prom. Now, velvet might be having an even bigger moment than it did back then. From dresses and tops to shoes and scarves, you can find just about anything in crushed velvet right now. Try this trend in an accessory, such as a blush colored velvet bootie or a charcoal velvet neckerchief or choker.

The best way to keep yourself from looking dated when taking style inspiration from previous decades is to buy the updated version of the look.

Jane Fonda revolutionized the idea of style and exercising in the 80s; the 90s saw gym staples like track pants worn on the streets for the first time; and now, “athleisure” has its own section in your wardrobe. Pay attention to this trend, as athleisure is likely just past its peak. While it’s still great to wear your yoga pants to coffee and errands, it might not be an area of your wardrobe that you want to invest much more in.

Hoop Earrings
Hoop earrings are timeless accessories that always work when it fits your personal style, but they do ebb and flow in popularity. This 80s and 90s staple is having a moment now, including variations on the classic style such as oval hoops, tortoiseshell hoops or front facing hoops.

Choker Necklaces
Believe it or not, chokers are back. Have some fun with this trend; just make sure it’s not cutting you off in an unflattering way. For an updated look, style them by layering them up with longer necklaces.

The best way to keep yourself from looking dated when taking style inspiration from previous decades is to buy the updated version of the look; there’s always a small tweak from the original to make it feel a bit more modern. If you’re an advanced style maker, enjoy incorporating vintage pieces with newer ones to keep from looking like you’re in costume.

By: Cathy Starnes

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