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Better World Builders Wins 2017 Energy Excellence Award

The name says it all: Better World Builders is committed to building a better world, one home or business at a time. This dynamic Kalamazoo company is committed to improving the efficiency and energy stewardship of buildings across the West Michigan area using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. It’s this commitment to improving their community and providing stellar customer service that earned Better World Builders the Governor’s Energy Excellence Award for Best Contractor in Michigan in 2017. In February, the staff at Better World Builders was honored by State Representative John Hoadley for their work in pursuit of a better future.

In his presentation of this prestigious award, Rep. Hoadley spoke highly of BWB’s efforts and called their work “life-saving”. He noted that costly energy bills often make homes unaffordable for low-income families. This fact makes more efficient homes a priority for reducing the cost of living for Michigan’s most vulnerable families.

Receiving the Governor’s Energy Excellence Award is an honor Better World Builders doesn’t take lightly. Having the trust of the community and their clients is of the utmost importance to the team as they work toward a healthier, more sustainable future. Their website notes, “We hope to pave the way forward by installing renewable energy measures to alleviate climate change. Better World Builders envisions living in a world and community where our homes and businesses operate with Net Zero Energy consumption and carbon emissions.”

Better World Builders was founded by Mark Lee, a WMU grad who has been combining his love of engineering and the environment since the beginning of his adult life. His passion to protect the earth drove him to form Students for a Sustainable Earth during his time on campus in an effort to bring sustainable bussing to WMU. Upon graduation Mark took a job at Post Cereals, where he worked in environmental compliance, energy conservation and waste reduction.

The move to form Better World Builders was a natural manifestation of his deepest desires and passions. Now he get to use his expertise in the areas of engineering and construction to help his clients increase efficiency and reduce energy and carbon emissions in their homes and businesses. BWB offers services to improve efficiency and sustainability in the following areas (among others); insulation, roof and attic systems, ventilation systems and windows, doors and siding. They also install solar energy systems and encapsulate crawl spaces for better energy efficiency.

As awareness of issues like global warming, fossil fuel scarcity and the environmental impact of outdated modes of energy production grows, Better World Builders will be standing by to assist those interested in joining the fight to make this world a better place for generations to come.

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