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St. Patrick’s Day Fashion Inspiration

Get into the holiday spirit this year for St. Patrick’s Day! This time, why not leave behind the stereotypical St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts or hats? Opt instead for more subtle and stylish ideas with green elements that can be worn for all of your St. Patrick’s Day festivities…and beyond. Whether you’re headed to the pub, attending a party or are going out with friends or family, you can incorporate this iconic hue into your day while still honoring your own personal style.

Green With Neutrals
If you tend to gravitate towards softer tones, you can easily add a touch of green by pairing it with neutral or soft hues like white or beige. If you are really feeling festive, find accessories to tie more pops of green into your look!

A Green Accent Piece
Try adding just one green accent piece to your outfit to dress it up for the holiday. All it takes is one piece of green to show your holiday spirit. A green top, bottom or an accessory makes a statement without being overwhelming.

Staying Warm in Green
A green jacket, hat, scarf or gloves not only show your holiday spirit, but can also be just what you need for attending a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in chilly weather (or even in unexpected rain)!

A Hint of Green
Subtle hints of green can save you from the over-excited pinchers. If green is not your favorite color to wear for clothing, you can stick to pairing green accessories with simple accents of camel or tan.

Olive Green
Kelly green isn’t the only hue available to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; olive green is a versatile choice. You can dress it up for a night out or make it more casual by pairing it with denim for daytime celebrations. Olive pairs well with both silver and gold accessories.

Janae Thomas is a Fashion Merchandising student at Western Michigan University, graduating in April 2018. She is passionate about writing, fashion, and the empowerment of women. Headshot by Robin Maxim.

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