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Wedding Catering Kalamazoo Food Trucks

When I got married in the mid-1990s, planning a wedding involved a fairly simple formula: get married in church and then hold your reception in a banquet hall. At least, that’s how most people did it. These days the sky (and the bride’s imagination and budget) is the limit. It’s not uncommon for weddings to take place in variety of unique places, including sculpture gardens, the beach and a rustic barn.

As variety in wedding and reception venues has increased, couples have begun to discover that traditional catering options might be ill-suited to their needs. Whether they don’t fit the vibe, are impractical for the unusual settings or are prohibited by regulations, these catering companies simply won’t work. That’s where a surprising but brilliant option has emerged perfectly suited for this need: the food truck.

Just like modern weddings themselves, food trucks have evolved into so much more than their predecessors that served greasy foods at county fairs across the nation. Certainly, you can still find food trucks that offer up the corn dogs, French fries and elephant ears of your youth. But you can also find gourmet options, thoughtfully prepared and delicious enough that guests at your nuptials won’t miss that buffet for one minute.

Kalamazoo is blessed with a great variety of food trucks to choose from when planning your wedding. We spent some time researching the options to get you started in the search for the perfect food truck for your special day.

Gorilla Gourmet became Southwest Michigan’s first food truck when it began operating in the Kalamazoo area in 2010. They work closely with their wedding clients to prepare a personalized menu that caters to the couple’s individual preferences. Gorilla has been an active member of area Farmer’s Markets for six seasons and is committed to using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible.

Gorilla Gourmet’s owner and chef, Noel Corwin, has over 20 years cooking experience in high end restaurants from Nantucket to Napa Valley. Chef Noel enjoys working with clients on every detail from appetizers to desserts to beverage pairings. Check their Facebook page, contact them via email at n_corwin@hotmail.com or call 805-6362928 to discuss how Gorilla Gourmet can make your wedding an event to remember.

As traditions change, so often does a couple’s desire to have the giant white cake that typically graces the dessert table at a wedding. If cake isn’t your thing, you might consider serving your guests delicious gelato instead. Rollin’ Gelato, Inc. is an artisan gelato maker with a local spin. Husband and wife team John and Widad Mueller develop gelato flavors from scratch using local and seasonal ingredients. Additionally, your guests will love the nostalgia of being served their gelato from a vintage VW bus.

If you and your spouse to-be have a favorite flavor or you simply want to reflect a theme, Rollin’ Gelato can help you to develop a custom flavor that fits the bill. Go online at rollingelato.com to see a list of flavors and to learn a little more about the process and philosophy behind their gelato. You can also email John at john@rollingelato.com or call (303)435-1859.

Camzies Pizza offers wood-fired artisan pizza prepared in an oven that uses a blend of apple, cherry and oak wood. The pizzas themselves are made from scratch with Italian herbs fused into the dough and toppings are fresh and locally grown. The pizzas cook in 90 seconds and the trailer can supply up to 75 pies in an hour, which translates into 180 happy guests with full bellies. The food is served buffet style and special requests are accommodated when possible. While the trailer typically stocks twelve different pizza toppings, specialty pizzas like BBQ chicken and pesto are available. Salads, cheese and cracker trays, hummus and veggie trays and wood fired quesadillas are options as well.

Camzies typically caters 20 to 30 weddings a year, with guest lists ranging from 75-350 people. The business is growing: they currently have three pizza trailers and are building their fourth (the largest yet). To book visit: www.camziespizza.com and fill out a catering request on their catering page. The owners, Ken & Cassie Paul, can be reached with additional questions at camziespizza@gmail.com or by phone at (269)978-8642

The Organic Gypsy is a farm to table inspired food truck that serves seasonal dishes sourced from local and organic farms. The food is all made from scratch with seasonal appetizers, a robust beverage menu, coffee service, and fun desserts like root beer floats, ice cream sandwiches, and cupcakes. Menu options include traditional choices like roasted chicken that is local and pasture raised, as well as a Mexican-inspired menu.

The team at Organic Gypsy prides itself on serving fresh food that is plated beautifully, with nothing from a can or the freezer. Organic Gypsy has been catering weddings across southwest Michigan since 2012. While food is typically served directly out of the food truck, they also offer buffet service. For drink catering, Organic Gypsy uses their mobile coffee and cocktail bar, Dotty. Dotty comes staffed with bartenders, ice, mixers, and everything you need to serve your guests adult beverages and/or artisan coffee. Brides supply the alcohol and we provide the service!

For more information contact the Organic Gypsy by email at info@theorganicgypsy. com, by phone at 269-208-4805 or visit their website at www.theorganicgypsy.com.

Erica Shier is a married mother of four who loves reading, scrapbooking & thrift stores. When she’s not driving her small pack of children around, she spends her time volunteering, writing & trying to keep on top of the laundry.

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