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Look Who’s Talking – Maria Brennan

Maria Brennan has been turning out delicious baked goods since her youth in her hometown of Dublin, Ireland, where she was privileged to be taught the art of baking both at home and in school. She met her husband, John (a former Navy brat and Navy man himself) in Kuwait and was intrigued enough by his offer to make her sourdough bread that she agreed to go out with him. Though that promised loaf has yet to materialize, his other charms were more than enough to convince Maria to marry him and eventually follow him to Kalamazoo for his job. Here, they’ve built a life, a family and a business of which they are both extremely proud.

Maria and John and their two sons, Conor and Emmet, live happily in the beautiful Stuart District of Kalamazoo. When Maria began to bring baked goods into the boys’ school to thank the teachers and staff, she soon began to be inundated with requests for scones and cakes. She began creating those items in the basement of her Victorian home (incidentally built by an Irishman in 1859) and soon had enough business to make the move to 116. W. Crosstown Parkway in 2010. The bakery is committed to using local ingredients as much as possible and is a Bread Baker’s Guild of America member.

Maria was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in May of this year and started chemotherapy in July. She can’t speak highly enough of the team at the West Michigan Cancer Center for their help during the process. She expresses her thanks for the staff’s care and wicked sense of humor with baked goods when she can. She is also grateful to her Oncologist, Dr. Benjamin Mize, and his staff for their compassionate and professional care. Maria is passionate about the importance of every woman taking the time to see her doctor for check-ups and screenings, no matter how busy life seems. Early detection is so important and can make all the difference.

Maria’s team at the bakery has been an incredible support for her during her cancer journey, stepping up to the plate to run the business after her surgery. Their dedication allowed Maria to focus on her recovery, a fact for which she is extremely grateful. She knows that, with a loving family, caring medical team and dedicated staff on her side, she is equipped to face anything that comes her way.

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